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  • terry_insm terry_insm Sep 13, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    LT holders down only 50% from iplex failure

    so today? were they buying or selling? comfortable and short from 14.09.down 2 bucks will be nothing after the news of additional trials and cash burn ..opps! sorry ,just ignore that comment .Have more fun!

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    • In the last 30 days we have a clear example of why egomaniacs always lose money.

      They let their ego take over and can not admit they were wrong. They can be short or long. You have to learn to ring the register. I rang the register and missed the last 24% rise but I made money. A short here who can not admit he is wrong is now down $15,000+ but if his ego was in check he could have covered and shorted later or went long and made money. Money in the bank is better than defending your ego on some message board

    • You own it a lot lower than that, buddy boy. We've been keeping track. If you're playing with peanuts, you're okay, but if you're using real money, you are totally screwed.

    • What are you smoking? I have INSM in several different accounts and I am up in every one,. The smallest gain is 80% which is a purchase made this year. My largesr is 215% and the rest fall in between. So how am I done 50%?

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      • 2 Replies to ltdobanion
      • Congrats ltdobanion. I see you have been a shareholders for 8 years,is your 215% over that period? excellent return....redvh2003 was one of the honest posters who put his numbers around an average of 10 dollars, (where many here are averaged in $11. "pure cash value) Many here screamed at that 2009 iplex failure....( and short interest pump up) "we're going to $50,I just bought more! (stock was $25) ,fudfighter admitting she had many 20 dollar shares,kvncmcdd has been here a decade and has lost time and time again........the point being, the "we're Up 320% this year!, just like the SP is down 50% from the iplex decision...... needs an asterisk next to it. Hopefully you have taken some profits. Good Luck
        YTD short Up 105% on shorter term trades, and currently short Good Luck

      • terry is delusional as always,we all count on him to hit the pipe and spew his nonsense,you gotta just laugh at him. That`s never gonna change until he finally overdoses and kicks.If he stays short much longer that day might be right around the corner.The higher Insm goes the more he smokes and babbles his BS.BLAH BLAH BLAH He`s an idiot!

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