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  • magicseeker101 magicseeker101 Sep 20, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

    Blue Terry

    OK, you will peg me as a short but IM not. But what do you see in the three day chart? I'm not sure really, but I don't want to be a Pollyanna. I'm talking short short term. This is day trader stuff, you know like what Terry likes. I think we need good news right now. Any positive news will disrupt this, yes.

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    • Like I said,support is 14.75 and we don`t want to break it.If we don`t then the chart`s still intact and we`ll bounce.If it breaks then we could go back to the 12`s for a short visit,no pun intended.If you have the resources you want to buy in pieces unless you see the bounce,then pile in for the next run up.

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    • Theoretical prices (split bid/ask) are up since yesterday's close on Feb call strikes at 15, 17.5 and 20. Just more indication we're watching the tree being shaken.

    • One wonders how many times INSM board readers have to see this movie before they recognize the script.
      "This isn't real selling, 'they' are just playing games to scare you out of your shares".
      "This (falling knife) is just a good buying opportunity. I'm accumulating"
      Etc. etc...., and or course blaming shorts as if this is a team sport and if we can only cheer loud enough, the SP goes back up.

      Most who've been here for any time know these lines better than I.
      Seriously, haven't we seem this movie a few times before?

    • Available shares to short have dropped by half in the past two days. This isn't selling - it's shorting plain and simple. The short ratio is around 40%. So, news would likely reverse the games being played.

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      • Yes, but I'm not into the game, I'm only into having fun guessing which way the wind blows. Long term IMO this company will see $24 and more. Right now, I see thunder clouds on the horizon. You long long guys, just close your eyes, I mean that in a supportive way, this will pass. The shorts will make money off of speculators who drop their bone in the water thinking they will find a bigger bone.
        Of course I have no crystal ball, and if there where really bad news, that would make for disaster. It happened to me with a company (GTCB), I was crushed. My biggest loss. Great product, not enough financing. In my opinion the religious right killed the company. A long and interesting story.

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