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  • jsblvbjb jsblvbjb Sep 27, 2013 5:33 PM Flag

    And now "off-topic" from marketwatch concerning Obamacare and marriage:

    The structure of the Affordable Care Act will increase the already widening gap between the rich and the poor. More divorces and fewer marriages at the lower end of the income scale result in more households headed by singles. Children in these families often have fewer advantages and lower educational performance, making it harder for them to get a well-paying job when they grow up.

    There will be many glitches when the state exchanges open for business on Oct. 1. But the effects of the Act on job creation and marriage — two of the stepping stones to the American dream — are even more damaging.
    Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist of the U.S. Department of Labor, directs Economics21 at the Manhattan Institute.

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    • In my socialist country, The Netherlands, the Healthcare costs are about $140 a month and that covers everything. Everything from birth care. infertility, ER, medication, cancertreatment, psychiatry, you name it. And no small print. 100% of the population is insured. And yes, the wages from doctors went down from $600.000 p/a to $250.000 p/a and the unlimited profits of pharmacists and insurance companies were limited. Must be criminal....

    • jsblvbjb who questioned President Obamas citizenship,posts more nonsense.back palm manages hospital costs and when he posted 3 facts- look at the ridicule responses...stick to Iplex,even dumber yet.

    • The rates are 40% lower with the marketplace of Insurers in my state.How about yours? dum^as

      • 2 Replies to backwardpalm
      • Maybe you're right, but I have a few questions:

        1) What Level....Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum?

        2) Did you have insurance before that you were happy with and can you use the same doctors?

        3) What are your deductibles and out-of-pocket expense amounts?

        I know these are not easy questions to answer, but the only way I can figure out if my costs will go down is if I can compare what I currently have (which is in doubt at this time) with what I can purchase.

        Don't get me wrong......I am happy that your rates will go down 40%......but it's not that easy to say yet for a lot of us.

        Also, when I talk with insurance people and cpa's I hear comments like "train wreck", "country will go bankrupt", etc. So, I will need to do some dd on this.

      • You are full of #$%$! You don't add 30+M to a system along with thousands of paid bureaucrats and lower "costs." What you have is the vast majority subsidizing the few low-cost policies. Those are still costs and misallocated resources. Meanwhile real people are losing their jobs, being dropped from their current insurance or having their work hours reduced. Even the Marxist SEIU (and the thug Trumpka) is trying to escape the damaging effects of ObamaCare. My God you must be the byproduct of an ivy league indoctrination!

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