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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Oct 5, 2013 10:44 AM Flag

    Zake - fancy contributing value to others?

    Re your -

    "fud is back ... She's decided to lash out at all that got her removed. She now posts under insm_truth_teller..."

    - sadly my "removal" was just wishful thinking on the part of useless windbags who pollute this forum with bloviation intended primarily to boost their fragile egos.

    And staying with that topic - you've always maintained that Terry is "a necessary part of this board", that he "does have some valid points".

    Only recently you blew his trumpet by drawing our attention to his hint that we might expect some volatility on quad witching day (who'd have thought it?) -

    "I'm surprised no one caught this..You may not like the guy, but he's not stupid..He gave everyone a heads up about what was happening. And before the market opened."

    You've also told us you are one of those with whom Terry converses by e-mail. I do appreciate he may have offered you insights you would prefer to remain confidential, but your thoughts on the reason Terry shared with us for covering at this point would be of interest -

    [ I am a private trader and converse with 5( sometimes a 6th) here who know something about trading, AND A COUPLE MORE INVESTORS.Your paranoia or simple stupidity that this board has "paid bashers" is ridiculous.

    I had proposed a possibility of a Phase3 US FDA trial UNTIL the company said no they would not in AUGUST but have left open the door that anything is possible including a Phase3 trial for NTM.
    For someone who has been here 12 years you sure know little about this company. and btw - I was a long in March and then in May a short in July and I have doubled my money this year. My reason to cover and take a 8% loss was to use that money which has been dead money for 2 very promising bios.FAR more promising than this puppy you have lost your #$%$ on. So tell many shares and at what price...I dont expect it for a 12 year loser is WAY underwater. ]

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    • rehdvm2004 \\\| ...One thing they have to consider is going to a BID regimen and spreading out the amikacin effect. Looked at the charts and what was a total blind-side was the FEV1 values were comparable. They have to regain that lead effect if they are ever going to get "superiority" over TOBI. But now they have to pin their hopes on NTM

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      • You have to remember that Arikase was touted to improve FEV1 by 14% in the previous study. The FEV1 results were comparable to TOBI in the head-to-head study. Why? Because WL explained very carefully . . .
        1. It was probably the first head-to-head study where TOBI (solution) was actually administered BID through the course of the study; and
        2. Arikase was 28 days on, 28 days off versus the Phase IIb trial which was 56 days on.

        You have to remember also that the liposome vehicle (by itself) acts directly on the biofilm to thin it out. Thus it has a mucolytic effect that is going to benefit FEV1, even without any amikacin. Will Lewis explained this very thoughtfully in his first two presentations. For these reasons, Arikace only had to be equivalent to get approval. They need every inhalational antibiotic they can get to complete the rotation of anti-Pseudomonas drugs necessary to treat CF comprehensively. No one antibiotic can be excluded, on one antibiotic can be the cure all. It takes a rotation regimen to prevent mutations that cause antibiotic resistance.



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      • ud was gone?
        I don't think fud is insm truth teller btw...if you are correct tho, that individual has way yonder too much time....speaking of too much time, terry states he is the trader among traders, averaged 100% per year plus trading on insm, is out of the stock, yet still posts..i would think someone so rich, smart and handsome would have better things to here on a weekend as I have ambulance duty today.

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