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  • kvnmccdd kvnmccdd Oct 15, 2013 4:05 PM Flag

    Sold everything today except RXII and INSM

    $942,500+ out of the market today. My broker held onto all my investments and PROMISED it will get better.... I just can't not take the chance with what I invest. The tea party has loss their collective minds.... Good luck all longs here.


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    • Wow,your blaming the tea party and not Harry Reid? That`s insanity for sure,the guy`s the biggest obstructionist in the Government and the total reason why we`re at this point in history.Maybe you think it`s ok that we have`nt had a fiscal budget because this clown wants an open checkbook to spend away on China`s dime. I wish he was a casualty of fast and furious,one fast bullet to his head. Obama`s the ring leader with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid at the helm=Stick to talking about INSM and won`t come off as such an idiot.

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    • Fitch just put US on "watch" Congrads tea party. When funds settle I am taking $50,000 to give out to candidates running against tea party members. It will not go far enough but this group is crazy.


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      • You must be a liberal Democrat to blame this solely on the Tea Party. The election of Tea Party candidates was mainly a reaction to the Dems passing ObamaCare without consulting with the Republicans. Then after the 2010 elections, where the Dems lost the house, the Senate Dems refused to pass a budget or negotiate in good faith. So we ended up with Continuing Resolutions instead of Appropriations and the Sequester because of budget/spending negotiation failures. Now we have a government partial shutdown because the Pres and Senate Dems again refused to negotiate on budget and spending.

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      • I hope you did well Kevin. I've done pretty good over the past two weeks. I sold my INSM today thinking we may get a pullback. to where I was averaged in ($13.91)...and yes, we went below that. It's ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY!

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