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    Statistically more Arikace patients reported improved respiratory symptoms than Tobi patients (p=0.02). Not only that, as many patients on Tobi reported improved as worsened respiratory symptoms, while twice as many Arikace patients reported improved as worsened respiratory symptoms. The poster is under Presentations on Insmed's website.

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    • •Mean reductions in Pa sputum density were
      comparable during the on-treatment periods in
      Cycles 1, 2, and 3
      •Based on change from baseline assessment on
      the Cystic Fibrosis Questionnaire-Revised (CFQ-R)
      Treatment Burden scale, mean improvement in
      treatment burden was observed at the end of
      treatment of Cycle 2 (Day 84) in the LAI group
      (least squares [LS] mean, 1.686), with worsening
      in the TOBI® group (LS mean, –2.586; P=0.0254).
      This trend was also observed at the end of
      treatment of Cycle 3 (Day 140: LAI=0.739,
      TOBI®=–2.826; P=0.0608)

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      • •Mean increases on the CFQ-R Respiratory Symptoms
        scale adjusted for baseline assessment suggested
        clinically meaningful improvement (score ≥4 points)
        for both treatment groups at the end of Cycle 1
        (LAI=5.23, TOBI®=5.85) and for the LAI group only
        at the end of Cycles 2 and 3 (Day 84: LAI=4.25,
        TOBI®=3.22; Day 140: LAI=4.94, TOBI®=2.13)
        •Based on the categorical changes, higher
        proportions of patients given LAI vs TOBI® were
        improved at the end of Cycle 2 (Day 84); this
        difference reached statistical significance at
        the end of treatment of Cycle 3 (LAI=53.8%,
        TOBI®=40.7%; P=0.02)

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