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  • mellenium_trader mellenium_trader Oct 22, 2013 1:26 PM Flag

    The A #$%$.. guy

    The company cannot answer his questions then He assumed it failed ? It's insane people...I guess This A #$%$ .. guy trying to catch his late buying. If you ever rely on articles to invest in biotech then you should not.....

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    • WHat a crock. I tried posting my comment below on his comments section 4 times with 4 different accounts and it gets deleted every time. Good thing they are fair and impartial and really care about science. Rigggghhhhtttt.

    • He has done this to INO, CPRX, OSIR, and now INSM among others.
      So why use a semi-quantitative culture scale. Answer is simple. Fartstain is not a scientist. Mycobacterial species especially M. Avium intracellulare and other non tuberculosis mycobacteria are obligate intracellular (as the name implies) bacteria that are SLOW growing. Since they are obligate intracellular, they don't grow like e. coli or normal bacteria that don't need a human host.
      In the lab my lab works with mycobacterium leprae. You have to use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to look for ribosomal RNA of mycobacteria species, since you can't really culture it by itself, you have to use a semi quantitative scale to see the growth of the pathogen in the sputum.

      Seriously, AF is not a scientist, nor should he be doing reports on any biotech companies. He really needs to get off his high horse of half-truths, and learn something fully before he reports it.

      He is hurting many people with his GARBAGE who are trying to invest their money in good companies with promise. You don't ever see him go after Pfizer or Roche or Gilead or Celgene do you? I am sure they have the same problems with study design, etc, because NO WAY scientific studies in humans can be perfect. He gave up on ACAD once it had too much momentum and he couldn't get his profiteer followers who give him millions for his blasphemy any more profits.

      He's disgusting, goes after the small caps because he, and his short followers can, harms innocent people.

      Take a look in the mirror you #$%$ piece of non-scientific dog vomit before you go after CPRX or INSM, or INO, companies that unlike you ARE trying to help people.

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