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  • labois4u labois4u Oct 26, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    Quiet period for Insmed! Wondering why Novartis is not worried?...

    ...upcpming partnership?

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    • 140 characters and gertrude the goose,don`t want to acknowledge the fact that once a day versus twice a day for virtually the same results is a no brainer.Never mind the fact that since Amikacin has been around for so long that people`s immune systems aren`t going to respond to the same drug they been using for eons.That`s why we`re going to have the preferred choice by Doctors.Once a day and no immune system resistance is the winner,and that`s Arikace,Sorry Goose your cooked,and 140 characters is probably how many ID`s this shorty has.

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    • Do you know the current revenue numbers and what percentage of the CF market Novartis currently owns? I didn't think so.

    • Not bad.... This is what Novartis a partnership seems logic!

      Despite major medical breakthroughs and therapeutic successes, the healthcare sec- tor remains an industry fraught with consid- erable risks. The costs involved in bringing a drug to market have risen substantially in recent years and have surpassed the UsD 1 billion mark, which is repeatedly quoted as the cost of a successful drug launch. But according to retrospective anal- yses for the period from 1997 to 2011, launching a new drug actually costs any- where from UsD 3.7 billion to UsD 11.8 bil- lion, depending on the company. During this period, Novartis obtained the most approv- als from Us authorities and had the second- highest rate of productivity.

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      • 2 Replies to blank2thisone
      • INSM Sec filing

        Strategy for Commercialization

        We currently plan to retain marketing rights for ARIKACE in certain countries in Europe, and in Canada and the US. We believe ARIKACE will require a limited commercial infrastructure in these regions because of the small focused nature of the potential physician prescribing population for CF patients. We may license ARIKACE for certain indications in certain countries in Europe, as well as outside of Europe, and in Canada and the US. In 2013, we commenced preparations for the potential commercialization of ARIKACE in Europe and Canada, including hiring Matt Pauls, our chief commercial officer. We plan to fill several other new positions to support our sales and marketing efforts.

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      • For sure....I think we will have a partnership or buy out sooner rather than later.


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