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  • mom_cf mom_cf Oct 29, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

    Had enough The truth about nebulizers

    Scan this board occasionally and this is my one and only post for the posters who do not know what they are talking about or are deliberately telling lies.Have any of you had to use boiling water after each cleaning?Arikace one time big advantage is one shot but their nebulizer is still a nebulizer.It needs a power source it need to be in a refrigerator.My son uses a podhaler and it takes about 3 minutes twice a day he can go to school without being pulled out of class The pod inhaler is fabulous.This stock board tries to twist everything for stock price.Arikace will add value but all in the CF community waited a long time for the pod,but it was well worth it.
    Shame to those who think about stock money and tell lies.

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    • I suppose this is make believe too?. NOT. The only thing phony about her post is the phony thumbs down.
      The podhaler is quickly becoming the standard of cystic fibrosis suffers in the WORLD.

    • bump.for those that may have missed this.The advantages and the power of Novartis is making Arikace for CF are undeniable

    • bump.for those that may have missed this.The advantages and the power of Novartis is making Arikace for CF the third tier drug we all thought years before any possible approval.Onto NTM

    • Mom_cf - I'm surprised you haven't answered me :-(

      Mature and responsible individuals usually have the good manners to address any constructive responses to their posts. When a constructive response is ignored it is usually because a delusional half-wit has been exposed in an attempt to pose as a mature and responsible individual.

      You've probably noticed that happens a lot in this forum, as we have a multi-id half-wit here with profound delusions of adequacy.

      But I digress. I'm sure you must be aware that health agencies worldwide now view antimicrobial resistance as a potentially catastrophic threat, and that poor compliance with antibiotic regimens is an underlying problem they urgently need to address.

      If you're not bothered about the threat to others posed by antimicrobial resistance - aren't you at all worried your son might become infected with a strain of Pseudomonas which has developed resistance to tobramycin in those Tobi users who compromise their antibiotic regimens by regularly skipping one of the two daily therapy sessions?

    • as is the policy of this board,attack the poster.I am still trying to get even from iplex,bet these are the same posters.

    • eFlow rapid nebuliser system - Modern inhalation treatment - twice as fast! Components: nebulisers 2.0 (incl. aerosol head 2.0), easycare cleaning aid, control unit with batteries, connection cord, international power adapter with four interchangeable adapters. Short treatment times mean better quality of life. Quiet running for discrete use. Light, compact and portable. Can be run on either batteries or mains power for greater mobility. Easy to clean, handset can be disinfected and autoclaved for the highest standards of hygiene. New display delivers feedback during inhalation. The eFlow rapid nebuliser system is an innovative appliance for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Throughout its development, particular care was taken to consider patients' needs for efficient, safe, and above all fast inhalation treatment. With a time saving of more than 50% and its noiseless - thus unobtrusive - operation, the eFlow rapid can be beneficial to cystic fibrosis patients. With the eFlow rapid, medications that have been approved for inhalation can be transported deep into the lungs quickly and efficiently. The eFlow rapid is suitable for all medications that have been approved for use and are available throughout Europe. It also offers worldwide portability and unparalleled hygiene reliability.

    • This is fake - it just does not read the way, or have the tone, that a real cf Mom would write...

    • Funny to watch because only 2 put up responses to validate your experience.They cant answer this=
      1) boiler water cleaning procedure for nebulizers
      2 ) Is not portable - needs Electric plug in
      3) Must be refrigerated
      4)3 min procedure twice a day
      5 )Arikace 20 min procedure,the cleaning. Podhaler is disposable
      6)More effective action
      No wonder Novartis is already,in only 6 months from launch producing 90 M of the whole 324Million dollar market(someone said Arikace would make 500M today,that was the funniest).Thanks Mom for a heartfelt post

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      • well #$%$@(ole insm 's pari nebulizer is battery operated and portable. It also doesn't need boiler water for cleaning. Are you so much of an idiot that you have to parrot info.? the liposomal formula along with the portable nebulizer will cut way into Tobi's market share. You and your crowd are not only misinformed but you're also liars.

    • Mom speaks the truth and responses are about terry_insm. Don't you people have lives?

    • Know why 15 people recommended this post and 16 thats SIXTEEN replies said"Terry"?

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