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  • backwardpalm backwardpalm Nov 1, 2013 8:48 AM Flag

    offtopic For lower rates fot the ACAct see Consumer Reports site

    I just helped 3 more people in my area (serving NY Penn) get LOWER insurance costs via the Insurance marketplace.Consumer Reports has a good site also"hxxxs://xxxdotfacebookdotcom/CRHealthLawHelper. Contrary to what Fox news ignorants may believe the ACA is better cheaper in the above sites,.CA is probably the best.Please read the fine print on Blue Cross cancellation notices"your rates may be lower" knowledge is power.

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    • And if you could go back in time I'm sure you would argue with Hitler's dead victims, asserting that those in fact WERE harmless showers that they stepped into.

      P.S. subsidized costs are still costs....just that others are paying...with higher costs.

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      • If you read the Blue Cross cancellation letters,you are informed that "your rates may actually be lower". The insurance rates are 40% LOWER in the marketplace in New York and California,Why?The ACA mandates that insurance companies must spend 85% of premiums on actual coverage.( I bet chk has no knowledge of the specifics of the program).The glitches of program are being corrected now using Google redhat and others and if you have computer knowledge and perhaps help from someone who actually knows insurance,those states cooperating with the law will see its advantages -INSURANCE COMPANIES IN THE EXCHANGES HAVE TO COMPETE. I have seen the ignorance of a Fox news viewer who told me all about the program and she expected horror stories.Then I told her premium was $70 lower a month with better coverage and a lower deducible.I am not surprised that the media blitz of ignorance is being backed by Insurance and political forces being paid.Those of us in the industry are as disgusted as many here are with "the streets " AF,but it is the exact same slant to confuse those less knowledgeable. I understand it takes time and effort to figure the options and coverages available checkyourshorts and doughcm {perhaps the same} typify ignorance and gullibility and you see the Insurance companies making headway with media'be it AP Fox or the recently exposed Maria Bartoroma {sp} interview.Media may have fooled some but ignorance is bliss to clueless fools.

      • How's this for an Associated Press headline: "Sticker shock often follows insurance cancellation" By KELLI KENNEDY

        Yes, AP, not Fox News. AP is three years late to the party. For those who use Fox or other non party-line media this is no surprise. Welcome to the party AP!

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    • That post just proved what a socialist idiot you are.

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