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  • eastofhgwy1 eastofhgwy1 Nov 8, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Keep your politics and personal vendettas to yourself

    I have been reading this board before the collapse in 2009.I guess you could fault me for hanging on but over 20
    is just my prayer. For these people who seem to live here around the clock Obamacare :my daughter was dropped from her insurance but did a fine job getting a new policy under ACA which has better coverage and better pricing.The insurance companies are working overtime to convince so many ignorant fools that the marketplace doesn't work because the Insurance companies have to compete.Get informed I did and understand that no one ever lost money betting against the ignorance of Americans.

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    • This is pretty funny. Of all the things on an INSM message board folks might expend their energy "discussing" at this time in the company's development, we get 37 (and counting) replies over 3 weeks to an OT admonition to stop being so OT.
      Beats the heck out of the "google this" SPAMs, though.

    • I'm so happy it’s not called the ACA but Obamacare. When 80% of the people are singing its praises it will be Obamas legacy. Now 60% of the people berate it and call it a failure based on the registration process. Very few realize the registration process has nothing to do with the plan, and registration will be fixed. The very right wing doesn’t want any social net. They want to get rid of food stamps for God’s sake. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, school grants. The rich don't want social programs, they don't need them, neither do I but you do. CEO's make 20-100 million a year but they want to keep minimum wage where it is. Every year there is a bigger and bigger disparity between the rich and the poor, or the middle class. How can they convince you to vote against these programs, well they lie. Hitler said the bigger the lie the more people believe it. Sit back relax because although we have just begun to see the problems with Obamacare, they will all get fixed and the right wing will attack it all the way. Now mark my words, when its finally fixed and people love it, the right wing will say they fixed it. Oh I’ll answer it now, yes millions of people take advantage of the social programs and are users but don't throw away the baby with the bath water. Think instead of the 100drs of millions who are hardworking and need these programs. Go after the lazy and crooked. Attach the problem which is the human ego; don't kill the needy out of hand.

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      • IF you like your plan, you can keep it, period.
        If you like your doctor, you can keep them, period.
        The ACA will save $2500 for the average family.
        These are all lies told by Obama to sell the ACA to uninformed Americans.

      • It is truly to see people who are so delusional. More than 100 Million needlessly died in the 20th Century alone due to your failed ideology (Marxism) and no matter how it is tweaked, twisted or adjusted you always end up with the same thing -- human misery. No, people will not be happy with paying more for rationed care and that has nothing to do with a faulty website. This will fall apart. And the funny thing is that Obama would laugh at you right now because he knows this to be true. It was designed to fall apart...a feature not a bug. This was designed to destroy healthcare and have Americans begging for Obama's goal (on video) of single payer.

        Your statement on minimum wage alone shows you're in need of a course on basic economics. I'll give you a hint...the real minimum wage is (0) zero.

        Truly sad.

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      • What pamphlet did you get that dribble from? Unfortunately, lies, falsehoods, non transparency is what this Obamacare is all about. It could have been a good program if done correctly, It's foundation is sand, and built of a house of cards. If you think there's a lot of noise about the individual policies, wait till the smaller group marketplace begins cancelling coverages, dropping spouses & dependents from plans, or getting new plans with much higher deductibles AND higher premiums in order to subsidize many on the Obamacare. I think most people believed there was a cost to insuring the uninsurable, but not to the extent they are going to see in the future. Your like the other Loser on this board who cannot substantiate anything with facts. Maybe you're related?

    • Wow! This from Left-wing Politico:

      "Veteran House Democratic aides are sick over the insurance prices they’ll pay under Obamacare, and they’re scrambling to find a cure.

      “In a shock to the system, the older staff in my office (folks over 59) have now found out their personal health insurance costs (even with the government contribution) have gone up 3-4 times what they were paying before,” Minh Ta, chief of staff to Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), wrote to fellow Democratic chiefs of staff in an email message obtained by POLITICO. “Simply unacceptable.”"

      Veteran House Democratic aides should know better than to believe their own lying eyes. C'mon -- take one for the team!!!

      BTW, go Insmed!

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    • I am a case manager for a large Institution and know more than any on this board about the Affordable Care Act what it does and what changes are taking place. I posted a couple of times and the responses are the sort of stuff I hear daily. Because of competition among insurers rates in the exchanges are lower in NY and the large states that are cooperating.Your point regarding the misinformation by the insurance conglomerate is affecting opinion but not facts.

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      • discussing this issue with another ill informed patient about insurance on Friday

        The ACact mandates that those in the exchanges (insurance companies) must have digital records.
        Do any here know why,and why insurance companies who still use paper records hate this? (most still do).The non partisan OMB says the ACA will greatly reduce costs to the American taxpayer over he next 20 years.For those of you that want information Consumers Union and the AARP have correct and reliable information,not the kind of political nonsense you see here or on Fox.

      • You are full of it!!!

        Repost of below:

        You need to take basic economics.

        How is it that this law will make actual costs go down again? We have fixed costs in health care (and it’s the care that you really want): doctors, nurses, buildings, equipment, insurance companies, medicine, etc. ObamaCare adds to that system more patients (mostly subsidized), a government bureaucracy (that expects to be paid) and mandated higher coverage (COSTS). Did anyone other than low-information voters really think their costs would stay the same let alone go down by $2,500 for a family?

        If you had food insurance that fed you chicken dinner every night during an emergency (a plan that you were happy with BTW) and the government stepped in and mandated that the food insurance companies (that you CHOSE to do business with) would now have to accept pre-existing conditions and also provide a lobster dinner every night instead of chicken, costs would rise. Also, costs will rise even further because the added recipients (subsidized by you paying even higher rates or taxes) have now caused a lobster shortage causing prices to rise further. But don’t worry government will step in again and introduce price controls on lobster which in turn produce – more shortages!!! I forgot, the previously self sufficient, like the architect in San Fran, can now just lower his income (government incentivized reduction in GDP) and get his lobster dinner almost “free” via taxpayer (further reduced GDP).

        Socialism just leaves you with chicken #$%$!!! Eat what you want but don't force it upon me!!!

        Forgot to add: After the government caused "lobster" shortages comes rationing!!!

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      • "Know more than any on this board" Typical arrogance. Don't be so sure of yourself. When people tell you they know more than anybody else, they are delusional because they don't have all the facts.

    • Eastofhwy--Obama was elected to get Americans back to work. Instead he opted for a power grab and as a result we have an unemployment rate that is barely below the rate when he took office.

      I also find it funny that Obama has waived the ACA requirement for corporate America but stood firm on making sure individuals(who he claims to look out for) would have to pay a fine or buy insurance by January 1.
      That's not quite looking out for the little guy.

      Those who defend the ACA are the same type of people who also want to take away our guns but have no problem with grinding up babies in a woman's womb.

      Don't tell me to Keep my politics to myself.
      You are a pathetic sort.

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      • Powder, go back and revisit what was going on when Obama came into office. Two wars, hundreds of our men being killed, 500,000 jobs being lost every month, dow at 6,000, financial system collapsing, every jobs bill he proposed blocked, one-payer health law blocked, sabre rattling Iran, millions of families losing their homes, etc., etc., etc.
        I guess your fine with your guns, dirty environment, science is a farce, evolution is a farce, rape is not rape, got to war always, hypocrisy rules, it doesn't matter if it's good for the country,
        etc., etc., etc.
        Appreciate how far we've come from the abyss in spite of constant obstruction.

    • You are fool of #$%$ Backwardpalm!!!

      "The insurance companies are working overtime to convince so many ignorant fools that the marketplace doesn't work because the Insurance companies have to compete"



      Not even the mainstream media can ignore this disaster (that was designed to fail) anymore.

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      • Capital letters Wow! you are angry AND IGNORANT.What we DO KNOW is that Insurance companies sold many junk policies made huge profits and the Govt picked up the tab for Emergency rooms uncovered care and big bonuses for Insurance management.So YES, I am for a more socialized medicine which 90% of the world has because they are not as stupid as Americans.Look at the chant about competition,like there was competition before the Affordable Care act.Maybe the propaganda and gullibility the likes we see here will overturn the law and the world will just scoff at the stupid Americans,AGAIN!..from the country that brought you "Weapons of mass destruction" comes --------

    • Unfortunately, for many here they never believe there's two sides to this healthcare story. Obamacare will help those who don't have, or can't afford health insurance, and realistically, those people won't care that's it subsidized or someone has to pick up part of the tab. Some people who have insurance now will keep their plan, and others won't because the "rules" changed. What was the catalyst that made the "rules" change? The mandates in the ACA law. Those mandates included 1) what are the essential benefits in the coverage, 2) what amount of premiums have to be paid out in claims (80 to 85%), and hundreds of mandates for all of the doctors, hospitals, drug companies, medical device makers, labs.

      Obama and many democrats are fudging the truth that all those individual policies were #$%$ or paid little. In fact, it's an outright lie. There are many good policies being discontinued because they didn't meet the new "rules". Every state's insurance commissioners had approved all of those policies prior to Obamacare, and had mandated many items to be in those policies. So it's not all of the insurance companies fault. If the insurance companies are working overtime, it's because they are lightyears ahead of the federal goverment in having the infrastructure in place to go forward. It's too bad the Health & Human Services can't get their act together and answer all the insurance companies questions as to how everything is done.

      They needed healthcare reform, but the ways it's structured is like painting a house with a toothbrush!

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