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  • terry_insm terry_insm Nov 11, 2013 8:26 AM Flag

    Pharma continues consolidation. Insmed not a buyout candidate at this time.

    Viropharmas buyout is because of a great pipeline and almost a half billion in revenues.The premium was ***27% ** over Fri closing price.Revenue producing,great pipelines are the targets in the industry
    Insmed is 2 years from the small CF market (read the Wedbush est)
    NTM is the unknown. I'm currently short INSM @ 15.01 Good Luck

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    • Please keep shorting INSM - i also owned VPHM for last 3 years with cost under $10. My cost in INSM is around $8 now. Your time will come soon when you wished you cover at $15.50's. Support for much higher prices is coming and faster than you think, btw pls save this message so you can remember as i am sure you will want to forget....:)

    • I love banking holidays.Consolidation will continue.The low volume holiday session which is not a great trading environment has started.I can attest to this as the Christmas displays are starting to be seen in stores.(¯`·._.·Macys·._.·´¯)

    • I merely was pointing out that the Shire deal shows they`re buying,but of course we`re not ready to sell any time soon,especially if you take Mr. Lewis`s comments to heart,he plans on seeing INSM become a Big Pharma company all by it`s lonesome.After he achieves that then the price tag would be 200 billion min. As far as your short terry,I told my friend to short it at 15.02,he didn`t though,he said it was looking very thin as far as trading volume,and it looked to strong to short. I personally don`t care because I don`t trade INSM,I own it untill 50-100 bucks a share.I`ll sell half at 50 and the rest at 100.The shorts have made an easy 3-4 bucks a round for many times in a row here though,and I saw the small volume on the up, looks like the shorts were pushing it up in small blocks so they can short heavy at the top.Then they stop pushing it up with small blocks and then start pushing it down by selling small blocks below the bid.Where`s the top for them this time?It looks like it`s higher than 16 again,not 15 so your gonna need to average up obviously.The conference call definitely added strength to the stock terry,by debunking the Feurstein hit piece and showing that any lies about the company will be addressed immediately, so I would caution you this round.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Shorts will suffer. Just a matter of time. Have fun while you can still post.

      Sentiment: Buy

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