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  • kinkey_boots kinkey_boots Nov 22, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    50 years ago today,A coup de etat in the United States.

    Oswald was a patsy and the USA became the worlds #1 #$%$.

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    • To say this issue is beyond the scope of Insmed would be an understatement.
      The official policy of the United States regarding South East Asia and the then Soviet Union was changed within 48 hours of the assassination and was new President Johnson's first policy declaration.
      LH Oswald was a U2 radar technician who was given a security clearance given an early discharge from the military, spoke fluent Russian and although having no money arrives in Russia asking for asylum.
      Oswald was seen by workers in the lunch room of the school book depository during lunch hour having lunch 10 minutes before the assassination and 90 sec after ,calmly drinking a coke in the lunchroom by a police officer and the building manager. 50 people who claimed to have seen the second shooter were not called by the Warren commission nor was the woman across the street who witnessed Officer Tippet shot and killed by 2 men,both with dark hair.
      The 1978 House of Rep investigation found the Warren commission flawed and introduced new evidence (Police sound recordings that showed at least 5 shots and too close too have come from 1 gun ) Judge Jim Garrisons losing indictment of Claw Shaw was validated in the 1978 hearing from the CIA that Shaw David Ferrie (assassinated) and Jack Ruby all had Mafia and CIA connections.Lee Harvey Oswald worked with all of them.The "fair play for Cuba" was Guy Banisters (CIA) method to see who was in New Orleans.and on and on .
      Yes the assignation was a coup d'etat using the Mafia hit men.In the 90s the FBI infiltrated the highest ranks of the Mafia and confirmed all connections,Since the assassination,the US has always been at war abroad because it is really all about money.,ask Dorothy Kilgallen ( assassinated also.) .Lets see how long this post lasts.

    • Funny you use the word "coup." That narrative is said to have been put forth by Communists...starting with the first works on the subject by R. Palme Dutt and Joachim Joesten.

      Oswald (who shares ideology with current Democrats, mainstream media, etc.) was a Communist.

      JFK in economic and national security speeches sounded just like Reagan.

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