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  • lux19insm Dec 5, 2013 2:28 PM Flag

    Ipsen - Increlex - iPlex

    does anyone here think we here something regarding ipsen's increlex being replaced by iPlex? And regarding the manufacturing of iPlex does the results of the ROP due any day now trigger the manufacturer that was not specifically named by Premacure?

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    • What part of INSM's statement about Iplex don't you people understand. INSM is done with Iplex unless it's a licensing deal with someone after the 2018 expiration of the settlement. They will not further advance any money for any developement of Iplex. Period. Get over it!

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      • Why would they wait till 2018? If another entity had strong interest, why wouldn't they make a licensing deal prior to 2018 to give them enough lead time to prepare their business plan, and be ready to go at expiration?
        Seems like prudent business

        And since Insmed has newer patents on the Iplex formulation, who is to say they aren't outside the settlement agreement WITH certainty. Let's see how many patent lawyers chime in besides Terry on that one.

        You might be correct that Insmed will not advance money for Iplex development, but doesn't mean a large pharma won't, especially those looking for new indications and a willingness to spend money on R & D.

      • Who said they were going to put any time or resources into Iplex? They don't have to. Assuming the results for Premacure continue to be positive Shire will be setting up all of the manufacturing. In the meantime, there is a known market for short stature and there are other studies underway to test efficacy for any number of different indications - which they are not paying for. When the patents expire manufacturing will likely already be happening and its an easy step to have them ramp it up for other uses. No investment or time on their part - just leverage everyone else's time and investment should markets materialize. Why would they not?

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      • lux19insm Dec 5, 2013 3:46 PM Flag

        ok - then why would shire buy premacure and not have a manufacturer for premiplex ? it's such a small indication and it's so expensive to produce iplex? your right - shire must be stupid and not thought of this. oh that's right - we had an article on muscular dystrophy come out on june 25th 2013....oh wait a minute - iplex stock pile was depleted years ago.....I wonder where they got the iplex to do the study??????

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