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  • terry_insm terry_insm Dec 6, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    tycint makes up a story

    In reply to a previous post you said that ROP was tiny indication( and it is)
    but now! ~ you've joined the clowns! Production! that may open up ! "an important part of the iplex issue!

    As RIP Dr Geoff Allen in 2009 pointed out "that it's so expensive to produce"!
    A deal as you make up is what? a 50-50% split of revenues for this indication( No it cant be ROP - all rights there are sold)...what indication has shown promise for a viable investment of iplex?
    Is it MMD or ALS ? then you are surely a fool.

    A year from now ,like 4 years ago when the drug was "shelved" comes new life ! breathed into a message board!
    Tell us tycint what Slam dunk does Iplex have for shareholders to hang false hope on?
    what indication - name one

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    • As usual, you create a straw man enemy that does not exist to attack.

      ROP is a tiny indication and not material to INSM's long term financial success. No change here.

      Iplex is expensive and time-consuming to produce. Nobody disputes this. I stated my opinion that we are looking at about 18 months for production after a decision to proceed is made. I also stated that I do not think INSM will seek to produce, test , or market Iplex directly.

      I never said Iplex is a slam dunk for anything other than ROP. You are intentionally mischaracterizing my comment for some sick motive to deceive shareholders.

      I do think Iplex has the commercial potential (no guarantee and no slam dunk) for other indications besides ROP and short stature. Is this opinion mindless pumping as you suggest? I did not mention any specific indication for potential Iplex commercialization because I only mentioned potential opportunity, not expected opportunity.

      In my opinion, you are a low life #$%$.

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      • Dont usually read these boards on weekends but tycint has posted that there is a possibility of a potential "opportunity" in an unnamed scenario that Insmed wont trial or produce...Unable to name or even speculate this is indeed mindless speculation.Investors should base their investment decisions on reliable information.
        besides it encourages the nonuthins who haven't accepted Iplex is shelved for 4 ++ years!,.... a term in biospeak that means dead and a term used after iplex was "backburnered", so now we have "possible potential" and gets a few nonuthins excited who actually believe this has any merit at all.

      • What potential in what? and you cant answer so you name call.You made up a story and were called on it. In my opinion, you are a low life #$%$

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