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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Jan 12, 2014 11:08 AM Flag

    Oh what a tangled web we weave .....

    Re this latest info backwardbrain shared with us -

    [ Met him last June and still do not know his last name, his wife is well known in the scientific community ]

    and this from 2012 -

    [ "Terry" left me a email about Insmed's investment."Terry"has made my family +250% this year on 4 companies \ thats right 250% on my meager initial investment in Insmed.. ]

    - can anybody suggest a realistic scenario whereby backwardbrain could have been on such good terms with the DHW for so long, yet not be trusted to know his surname and/or that of his famous wife?

    Happily for those of you who are intrigued by this mysterious woman, I saved a few of her posts when I was tracking the DHW's history back through his 100-plus ids.

    She posted all of the following under her docmomamln id -

    1. [ My boyfriend Terry pointed the way with this stock. Many good people here,soon we prosper. ]

    2. [ Many of us inflicted with dyslexia, have only been able to use a computer since the advent of the spell checker! ]

    3. [ BTW, I am NOT an endo,(but whom do I know?; )).. I am a psychologist, I "read"what people write..sweetie?.....did someone post charlatan?,professionally speaking this is improper to say,how about I have loved the escape here - comical relief.....
    Paula ]

    4. [ Your assessment of the threat posed by Hussein is naive. 3 wars involving territorial conquest, terrorist connections,(bulletproof is the word), I have yet to see one knowledgeable representative of this government say that they do not believe Hussein is a not threat. The debate is how to deal with him. You can stop with the emotional blackmail. War is ugly and no blood is more red.
    Rebecca (a History major) ]

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    • For anybody here wondering why the name Rebecca rings a bell .....

    • Another telltale sign of a DHW id is that in all of the time I've been using these forums I've only ever encountered one individual who gets upset by thumbs-down ratings on his posts.

      Some posters are sufficiently concerned by "strategic rating" of posts to draw attention to it. I sometimes use the DHW's thumbs-down on my posts as an excuse to put a post back to the top of the board.

      But the ratings are important to the DHW - perhaps because they either reinforce or threaten his belief that he is fooling us with his multi-id charade. He's the only individual I've ever encountered to take them personally -

      Terry_insm - Make yourself feel good and put thumbs here,but anyone who falls for something like this should not be biotechs.

      Yousstupid - how do yous posts get thumbs instantaneously? I see 6 from dorian in 10 secs?

      140characters - who puts thumbs down when they should be listening. Insmed already knows the NTM results and is planning the phase 3 trial.

      Sindeelnee - Those are very simple very common points should the stock continue to fall.Shorts are in total control of Insmeds trading. shorts in control.Put a down thumb for hope.

      140 characters - I like those who answer facts like to days compensation numbers with a thumbs down as if this was supposed to dent the facts.

      Keyser_sooze - I especially like when someone puts up some fact and get 3 thumbs.I don't know much but the shorts are here and growing.You may put a down thumb for that.

      Themanfromkolob - I always like these spammers that thumb down a fact pro or con on the stock.

      Backwardpalm - Don't you people have lives? ... Now say I am Terry,that always works. 205 thumbs up is the work of kvncmcdd who has spammed other boards Terry posts on.

      Yousstupid - when he is stoopid and have no life on hoilday.I admits I have tos 4 thumb stupid You win da award fo Da stupid and da lonely.

      Backwardpalm - 18 thumbs dowm/ Impressive!.

      Terry_insm - Why anyone would thumb down info shows they are angry!

    • For anybody who doubts that this individual is every bit of delusional and half-witted as is suggested by his claims of profitable Short trades despite his obvious lack of understanding of how a Short trade works - the reality that he does little more than spend his days playing out an elaborate game involving multiple ids can easily be corroborated by looking for elements characteristic of his posts - such as the massive chip on his shoulder almost invariably evidenced in arrogance, his poor punctuation, words and phrases he favours, and the many words he misspells.

      For example - changing the search criteria from "3 months" to "All" and searching for "forgetaboutit" should yield 26 results on this board, of which the following are DHW ids -


      Repeating the exercise on the AMLN board reveals the following ids of his - one of which is that of his alleged girl friend/wife docmomamln, who thought her name was Rebecca when she first posted over ten years ago but now thinks her name is Paula -


      A search for "Paula" on the AMLN board reveals a post less than two years ago by the DHW's "wife" captioned -

      "End game / tundratyke omeone forwarded this to me"

      - which has two replies from "lahoyaman" - another DHW id - in one of which he addresses "her" as Dr Paula.

      I don't believe Zake to be one of his ids. But every other id here which either claims to have been in contact with him or praises him or his posts most certainly is one of the 100-plus DHW ids I've identified.

      This clown lives in a fantasy world. He's too stupid to understand how a Short trade works. Who would bother paying such an individual to do anything more complicated than empty bins? If you respond directly to one of his posts you only encourage him.

    • Could Rebecca Paula (aka Docmomamlin) be the source of the medical insights the DHW shares with us? -

      [ Prescribing off label for a critical disease does not happen.You do not know anything. ]

      An informative snippet from Wiki -

      [ A 1991 study by the U.S. General Accounting Office found that one-third of all drug administrations to cancer patients were off-label. ]

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