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  • in_at_two in_at_two Jan 20, 2014 5:26 PM Flag

    Topic was deleted (see message)

    zake1 and blasedp31...Did you notice that 140characters' post was deleted from earlier today? The one you 2 and I replied to this morning titled: TIP outshines the just ok Arikace by far

    I don't recall seeing a topic deleted before. Any idea who does that? Yahoo, or the author? Sorta interesting why an author would delete his own post. Hmmm

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    • I didn't think you could delete your own post once it was posted. How do you do that?

    • Interesting to note that of my "ten clues" thread - now marked "topic deleted" - all of the posts bar one can still be seen in the "Messages" view.

      Only my final post has completely disappeared - wherein I suggested to Blase that nobody without brain damage would be likely to understand the agenda of the DHW.

      Comparatively mild, one feels, when one considers the post to which I responded. Can't imagine for the life of me who would have complained about my posts only :-)

    • Not 100% sure, but Yahoo can absolutely delete a post if it wants, if a poster asks that his post be deleted, or if another entity complains enough to a Yahoo source. I also believe some public companies will monitor message boards via its own sources or outsourcing to review for misinformation being publicized. Hedge funds
      or private companies have been known to present misinformation in order to buy or sell stocks at better prices.

      I believe I remember a post this past year that Terry put up stating derogatory items about Lewis, That post didn't stay up too long. probably after Terry realized he could be in deep sh-t for that.

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