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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Feb 1, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    Nobody makes friends as literally as the DHW


    1. Voiceofreason_1 demonstrating a trademark circa-2000 spelling of obvious/obviously (shared by seven other DHW ids) -


    2. Voiceofreason_1 praising terrym8748 -

    [ TerryM was kind enough to send me Dr Steve Edelman's letter to the joint symposium.
    the day he wrote it.Terry had e-mailed Dr Edelman about the conference the previous night.
    Yes,this is a great bd..I'm in LA area and hope to be able to get down to this years Shareholders meeting.
    If we get both approvals,should be a good time ! ]

    3. Terrym8748 praising matsonman -

    [ Great post matsonman !, so true
    The government,Lawyers ....all #$%$! ]

    4. Matsonman praising lahoyaman -

    [ Lahoyaman posts infrequently but in response to bashers a while back posted great info on the European fileing to a bashering lot(questions format etc)which was later verified at a CC by Dr Data. ]

    5. Lahoyaman praising docmomamln -

    [ Dr Paula
    great post when this board was not infested with social morons. ]

    6. Docmomamln "sharing" -

    [ My boyfriend Terry pointed the way with this stock. Many good people here,soon we prosper. ]

    7. Docmomamln blaming dyslexia -

    [ Many of us inflicted with dyslexia, have only been able to use a computer since the advent of the spell checker! ]

    8. Mrsandiego blaming dyslexia -

    [ My problem is not spelling ,but dyslexia. Yours is sheer stupidy. ]

    9. Mrsandiego in 2001, "yousstupid" mode -

    [ 4 da news is da suprize party.dis a spcl cucummber cake wid regards frm da cookie himself.
    Everybdy excite!,speclly da shorts who get da xtreme wegiein da pants!
    da dessert is da ffffudge cake wid lizard spit
    Buy der stack! ]

    10. Yousstupid in 2013, "yousstupid" mode -

    [ I gives you more info. insm_truth_teller id is not your imaginary friend Terry.That I am sure of. yous posts loks like all you do is make up stories and say bad things sooooooooooooo yous make my sekon ignores
    I luv dis stack! ]

    This topic is deleted.
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