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  • cavalry_2acr cavalry_2acr Feb 11, 2014 7:31 AM Flag

    Downgraded by Wedbush?

    From 18 to 7?

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    • Juxtapose any "theories" about a downgrade against the fact that INSM just signed a 5 year deal for Arikace manufacture with a company in Ontario Canada. This "contract" would only be signed if the company could prove it could make cGMP batches of Arikace. Will Lewis is very deliberate and not impulsive. The launch product is going forward. Posters on MBs cannot interpret clinical data, regulatory milestones or associated events leading to an NDA because they happen across months. If you look at the transition WL accomplishments since he came onboard, it is easy to see that significant progress has been achieved towards getting an approved NDA in the last 30 months. That, BTW, is not much longer than the two expedited FDA approvals that occurred in 27 and 28 months. The record breakers according to FDA DOT gov.

      BTW, I have not shares. Sold the last time INSM hit and held $20 plus.


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    • This smells like Wedbush got a sneak peak at the results OR that they were not included in any future "opportunities" with Insmed. Remember Adam F? So, how is it that UBS reiterates $31, JMP securities goes to $25 and Canaccord jumps to $30 all in the past 3-4 weeks??? Unfortunately this will hurt and the assumption is Wedbush knows "something". Tomorrow is the Leerink presentation and someone HAS to ask what the heck is going on? They just sat on the sidelines since October watching and waiting (Wedbush) everyone else moved up and forward. This will be a bad day for us (hope not). Anyone here remember NFLD? PS. If Wedbush knows the results before the rest of the market, isn't that fraud or a breach?

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    • Let's see...INSM was 22+, and Wedbush had nothing to say, keeping their outperform rating.

      INSM gets a orphan drug designation, signs up with a partner to help with mfg, and the stock has dropped to 19, mostly because of biotech softness (IMO).

      So at 19, not 22+, and after the good news, they change their rating from outperform to underperform?

      Doesn't say much for Wedbush.

    • Uh Oh!
      as of 02/11/2014 07:56
      $17.20 * 1.91 negative 9.99%
      Pre-Market Volume: 2,100
      Pre-Market High: $ 18.31 (07:54:15 AM)
      Pre-Market Low: $ 17.20 (07:56:04 AM)

    • Wow! Let's see what all of the "talking heads" on this board, will have to say today. I'm glad that I sold my 4280 LONG TERM shares back at $19.82 .....
      Rusty in Metairie (New Orleans)

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      • Is this downgrade because they can't get enough shares from retail by shorting? It 's pretty
        amazing that Wedbush didn't see this before,,or didn't look at the trial design prior to this
        downgrade. Pre market price seems to be recovering based on the new production facility
        agreement announced this morning..If the company is seeing a phase three trial requirement,
        why would they need a production facility now? HMMMMM what's an investor to do? Maybe
        wait to see if another analyst backs up, or refutes this view..This could be a head fake.

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