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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Feb 11, 2014 11:50 AM Flag

    Justarook - try to appreciate his limitations

    Do you understand how profoundly intellectually-impaired a person has to be to post this? -

    "My reason to cover and take a 8% loss was to use that money which has been dead money for 2 very promising bios.FAR more promising than this puppy you have lost your #$%$ on."

    Even if the resident delusional half-wit DID have access to information not freely available, do you seriously think he has the intelligence required to translate that information into an accurate prediction of share price movement?

    Why would anybody with sensitive information share it with a half-wit who spends his days playing with ids?

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    • A dead giveaway to what he's really doing here is that in all of the time I've been using these forums I've only ever encountered one person who actually gets upset by thumbs-down ratings on his posts.

      Other posters have been sufficiently concerned by the "strategic" rating of posts to draw attention to it - but the ratings bring out a "precious" side of him which often betrays his ids -

      Terry_insm - Make yourself feel good and put thumbs here,but anyone who falls for something like this should not be biotechs.

      Terry_insm - Why anyone would thumb down info shows they are angry!

      Sindeelnee - Those are very simple very common points should the stock continue to fall.Shorts are in total control of Insmeds trading. shorts in control.Put a down thumb for hope.

      140characters - who puts thumbs down when they should be listening. Insmed already knows the NTM results and is planning the phase 3 trial.

      140 characters - I like those who answer facts like to days compensation numbers with a thumbs down as if this was supposed to dent the facts.

      Keyser_sooze - I especially like when someone puts up some fact and get 3 thumbs.I don't know much but the shorts are here and growing.You may put a down thumb for that.

      Themanfromkolob - I always like these spammers that thumb down a fact pro or con on the stock.

      Yousstupid - when he is stoopid and have no life on hoilday.I admits I have tos 4 thumb stupid You win da award fo Da stupid and da lonely.

      Yousstupid - how do yous posts get thumbs instantaneously? I see 6 from dorian in 10 secs?

      Backwardpalm - 18 thumbs dowm/ Impressive!.

      Backwardpalm - 205 thumbs up is the work of kvncmcdd who has spammed other boards Terry posts on.

      Terry_insm - OT kvncmcdd HHand219 Thanks 11 times over for being an a$$whole.

    • Worth bearing in mind that although insulting the DHW is undoubtedly therapeutic, people like him automatically screen unwelcome feedback so that anything which doesn't support their delusions is just noise.

      He's only really listening to himself. Being able to read flattering messages posted via his collection of ids is clearly a lot more real for him than just muttering to himself.

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