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  • l40characters l40characters Feb 14, 2014 6:06 PM Flag

    A mother explains why Arikace(nebulizers) suk and the podhaler is superior

    Scan this board occasionally and this is my one and only post for the posters who do not know what they are talking about or are deliberately telling lies.Have any of you had to use boiling water after each cleaning?Arikace one time big advantage is one shot but their nebulizer is still a nebulizer.It needs a power source it need to be in a refrigerator.My son uses a podhaler and it takes about 3 minutes twice a day he can go to school without being pulled out of class The pod inhaler is fabulous.This stock board tries to twist everything for stock price.Arikace will add value but all in the CF community waited a long time for the pod,but it was well worth it.
    Shame to those who think about stock money and tell lies.

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    • I am glad for you and your son. But tell me...will a once a day therapy not gain any share of the market? `And what is the next generation for Arikace delivery. Seriously, if the once a day nebulizer is second to the podhaler, what would be the next delivery mechanism for Arikace? I am curious because Insmed's IP extends to any liposomal delivery by an inhaled method. Since Insmed is coming out with improved delivery mechanisms, what is next? Is it hard to imagine a better way for once a day? Maybe a sustained release, deep deposit translates into once a week? Won't that be great? Also, if the current once-a-day nebulizer means less chance of resistance, won't that be great? Even with the pod, what do you do to reduce the resistance risk?

    • Unless yo provide links, you might as well assume that you will never be taken seriously. Just a fool and a fraud. Did you short at $8? Sure you did.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Novartis podinhaler is being successfully accepted into therapy.The sales numbers are vague because it is not one of Novartis big drugs.The product has only been introduced in the United States for a year and market penetration from initial launch is 2 to 3 years.The podinhaler has been approved in most of the world and is given preferential coverage in many countries.Novartis will have pricing power advantage over Arikace. Arikace is a couple of years away from a limited introduction..The podinhaler and Insmeds Arikace are among many options although it is unclear if Arikace will ever be sold in the US. Sales revenues will be below a 100M for both entries. NTM should be triple that amount. At this stage revenues for Insmed in 4+ years may reach 400Million.

    • Look in the mirror you idiot. Instead of saying check Novartis website, why don't you copy and paste for us the items you want to share with us. We don't have crystal balls, and we certainly don't know what items you want to mislead us on. So, show us some FACTS. BY the way, you don't scan this message board, you live it!!

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