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  • checksurshorts checksurshorts Feb 15, 2014 8:09 PM Flag

    "Negative at last"


    Had posted this before from NTMinfo Dot Org but now seems to be gone:

    "Just thought I'd share the fact that, at the end of my trial on Arikace, my sputum tested negative. That's the first time in 4 years I've ever had a negative result! Woohoo!

    If things continue to go well with others on the trial, maybe they'll fast track the drug so more people can see if it works for them. So wonderful to have another option when the Big3 don't do the trick. Thanks for all the "congrats"

    chgorich, I have run of the mill MAC, but also have Alpha 1 antitrypsin disorder and bronchiectasis. And thanks everyone for the well wishes...I am so excited that, at least for me, it seems like Arikace was able to achieve what the Big 3 couldn't. Can't wait til it's more widely available."

    There is a wealth if good information on this site. I strongly recommend reading through all of the posts that contain "Arikace." Several individuals who took part in the trial had strongly recommended for others to get into the trial. It does take some reading between the lines, though, perhaps due to this:

    "...I hope that you are accepted. It is a very interesting experience and eye-opening as to the cost and time put into this type of study. They do ask that we not share much of our experience, so as not to influence your experience. That makes real sense to me, because they want each individuals reaction. Good luck."

    One point of interest in the "Negative at last" post at the top. That patient recognizes that she only received Arikace during the 2nd half of the trial and then still ended with this result.

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