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  • fudfighter3 fudfighter3 Mar 3, 2014 1:05 PM Flag

    Jrdelane, DHW is short for Delusional Half-Wit

    We have a clown here who prides himself on "taunting" the INSM Longs. He has used, to my knowledge, over a hundred ids in the last ten years or so. All of the recent posts suggesting that Tobi will offer any significant opposition to Arikace are his.

    He was telling us for years about his profits from shorting INSM. But a few things he said along the line betrayed the fact that he was making it up.

    In December 2012 he put up two posts under his main id - T...y_i..m - explaining why he did not take the opportunity to Short INSM at the pivot point he had previously mentioned. When the share price subsequently went lower, his desire to boast about his "pivot point" post gave birth to twenty posts wherein he boasted about his profits from the Short trade he all of a sudden did make at the pivot point.

    But he managed to surpass even that gaffe with the following remark -

    "My reason to cover and take a 8% loss was to use that money which has been dead money for 2 very promising bios.FAR more promising than this puppy you have lost your #$%$ on."

    This clown is so stupid he's never been able to grasp the concept that a Short trade is basically a normal trade in reverse, and that covering a Short trade would mean less free money to invest in "promising bios".

    Hence the "half-wit" part.

    The "delusional" part is warranted by the manner in which he reacts to criticism or thumbs-down ratings on his posts. He appears to be in complete denial of how others see him.

    But that does have its advantages. Sooner or later he betrays his ids by using them to praise T...y. He's blissfully unaware that nobody of average intelligence could see anything praiseworthy in his posts.

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    • Ok, I get it, some boards have these problem posters. I have seen his posts and spotted his tactics, and even recently disagreed with his technical call for the stock to break down with specific price targets, which would break the channel lines I had drawn. I am not a technical wizard but saw ulterior motives and inconsistent manner in his posting. Thanks for taking time to bring me and other posters along in this. This recent drop does puzzle me. I am holding my shares. What's up with your clone fud.fighter2?

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      • Find a poster who -

        1. Posts almost exclusively on the INSM board

        2. Appears blissfully unaware he failing to disguise wishful thinking as informed opinion. As Blase observed yesterday - Sounding Smart to T...y is actually Ignorance in the real world.

        3. Trots out the same drivel as the DHW.

        3. Is fond of using adjectives as nouns - "Most are now betting the news is weak results."

        4. Exhibits the poor grammar and punctuation seen in the DHW's posts

        - and you've found another id of the Arch Taunter - Man of a Thousand Faces.

        It was even easier to spot him when the AMLN board was being used. He was too stupid to realise that posting only on the INSM and AMLN boards betrayed his ids :-)

      • Fudfighter2 is mine.

        It used to be fairly common for clowns with multiple ids to fool Yahoo into deleting an inconvenient post by submitting multiple false reports of TOS violation. After a given number of posts were removed, the account itself was automatically removed.

        The DHW used to boast about his success with that tactic.

        It seemed a good idea not to have all my eggs in one basket.

    • The DHW's famous Short trade at $7.81.

      Here (apart from my "NB") are the relevant comments posted under his T...y_i..m id -

      Nov 29 ... tipping point $7.81 ............

      Dec 13 ... Calling the short @ $7.81 .... the target ($6.12) and the results- so why didnt I take the trade understanding full well the position? ..... My portfolio is cash rich. When we get to 6.12 - the signal will be so strong I may take the trade.

      Dec 14 ... No, I didnt take the short trade from $7.81 because of the news story that will effect all markets. The fiscal cliff is just 2 weeks away.imo an agreement will power the market on a rally. I like many investors sit on the sidelines durning the Holiday season, safe and cash rich - in case.

      NB: Because of the potential for investors to re-enter the market on the back of a deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff, he did NOT short at the $7.81 "tipping point" he was predicting in November. He was still on the sidelines during the Holiday season.

      But the temptation to make the most of the drop in share price after his "tipping point" post was too much -

      Jan 22 ... Happy to be short since 7.81

      Jan 24 ... still short INSM since $7.81 ,the downtrend continues

      Jan 25 ... still short INSM since $7.81,the downtrend continues

      Jan 30 ... YTD +20% (see the short since 7.81)

      Jan 31 ... but technically we are tipping (short since 7.81)

      Feb 3 ... but technically we are tipping..... (short since 7.81)

      Feb 4 ... for me its been running since $ 7.81

      Feb 4 ... PS- short since $7.81 and profitting.

      Feb 6 ... YTD +27% short since $7.81

      Feb 8 ... (or me short from $7.81)

      Feb 11 ... From $7.81 ....

      Feb 12 ... YD - short since 7.81

      Feb 14 ... YTD - +22% short since $7.81

      Feb 18 ... short since $7.81

      Feb 21 ... short since $7.81 YTD 21%

      Feb 21 ... YTD +21% short since $7.81

      Feb 22 ... YTD + 21% short since $7.81

      Feb 26 ... YTD +25% short since $7.81

      Feb 28 ... Short since $7.81....YTD+24%

      Mar 4 ... YTD - Up 23% short since $7.81

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      • Click on the t...y_amln id he used here on March 5 at 3:20 p.m. (presumably by mistake) and you'll see the following recent information from him -

        "I'm the trader in the house, my wife is the scientist."

        Sadly (perhaps it's just me) that view doesn't indicate the lucky forum in which he shared that gem.

        The couple appear to be well-matched. She also has several hats - being a scientist, a doctor and a history buff. Her name is Laura, though she signed off her early posts as Rebecca.

        Amazing that somebody of her stature would marry a clown who makes up stories about his trading exploits.

        Btw - although the records of the two recent posts under the t...y_amln id appear in the "Latest post" column, the actual posts are no longer visible in the threads. I'm guessing he deleted the posts when he realised his mistake.

      • I always like these spammers that thumb down a fact pro or con on the stock.

    • A dead giveaway to what he's really doing here is that in all of the time I've been using these forums I've only ever encountered one individual who actually gets upset by thumbs-down ratings on his posts.

      Other posters have been sufficiently concerned by the "strategic" rating of posts to draw attention to it - but the ratings bring out a "precious" side of him which often betrays his ids -

      Terry_insm - Make yourself feel good and put thumbs here,but anyone who falls for something like this should not be biotechs.

      Terry_insm - Why anyone would thumb down info shows they are angry!

      Sindeelnee - Those are very simple very common points should the stock continue to fall.Shorts are in total control of Insmeds trading. shorts in control.Put a down thumb for hope.

      140characters - who puts thumbs down when they should be listening. Insmed already knows the NTM results and is planning the phase 3 trial.

      140 characters - I like those who answer facts like to days compensation numbers with a thumbs down as if this was supposed to dent the facts.

      Keyser_sooze - I especially like when someone puts up some fact and get 3 thumbs.I don't know much but the shorts are here and growing.You may put a down thumb for that.

      Themanfromkolob - I always like these spammers that thumb down a fact pro or con on the stock.

      Yousstupid - when he is stoopid and have no life on hoilday.I admits I have tos 4 thumb stupid You win da award fo Da stupid and da lonely.

      Yousstupid - how do yous posts get thumbs instantaneously? I see 6 from dorian in 10 secs?

      Backwardpalm - 18 thumbs dowm/ Impressive!.

      Backwardpalm - 205 thumbs up is the work of kvncmcdd who has spammed other boards Terry posts on.

      Terry_insm - OT kvncmcdd HHand219 Thanks 11 times over for being an a$$whole.

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