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  • justarook04 justarook04 Mar 20, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    Pianoman, Biowatchdog and Bohemianclubman

    I believe all 3 of you were here in January 2005 or thereabouts. That is when I bought in.
    Anyway, I don't remember any other time when there were so many positive signs towards
    a PR that we will see in the next 1-7 trading days. We all have lived through the disappointments
    from IPLEX lawsuit, Geoffrey Allan's resignation right before a critical PR (in 2007 or ?) and the reverse stock split (10:1). For you guys, and all that have stayed the course even the past year or so, I wish you all good luck and may FUD's logic and reasoning live within the FDA in the coming months ahead.

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    • I`ve been here since 2004 and I`ll never forget the day I came down 100k in minutes from the blown MMD trial. I`m ready to reap my reward for being a die hard loyal long-----Show me the money Lewis.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Thanks, and yes, this is much more, positively different than any time in the past.

      Forbion’s Dr. Mulder (General Partner) has included Insmed in his managed portfolio (1 of about 8 companies). For those who do not know Forbion, they are the former ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences group. (They do not show up in an SEC filing, so I gather this is recent.) His (and Forbion’s) strategy is to bring home those companies coming out of PIIIs and entering the market. For some reason, I seem more trustful of a doctor than I do posters here (or many financial analysts or investment bloggers) when it comes to medical science.

      Personally, though, I don’t expect the stratosphere on positive news. It may bounce a little, but I think the good is largely expected and a given and, as such, is already priced in. When a company is in PIII, the valuation models price on a 75% probability of success and a 1 year difference in the “to market” timeframe only upsets retail investors; investment firms have a longer time frame for these PIII exiting companies.

      Good luck!


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      • Some info on Dr. Mulder:
        Geert-Jan Mulder MD, co-founding partner of Forbion, is an experienced life sciences investor who led multiple deals in both Europe and the US.

        Geert-Jan led the firm’s successful investments in bluebird bio (NASDAQ:BLUE), where he served on the board until its IPO in 2013, supported the company’s clinical and regulatory strategy; and was involved in the in-licensing of the ALD program from Inserm (France) in 2009; Acorda Therapeutics (NASDAQ:ACOR), which went public in 2006 where he was part of the AMPYRA® board panel to evaluate a new clinical endpoint in Multiple Sclerosis; and PanGenetics BV leading their Series B and sold to Abbott for USD190 million in 2009. Other past investments include Transave, where he served on the board until the merger with Insmed (NASDAQ:INSM) in 2010.

        Currently, Geert-Jan serves on the boards of, Exosome Diagnostics GmbH (Germany), Promedior (USA) and ario pharma (UK). He also acts as an observer to the board of Amakem N.V. (Belgium). In addition Geert-Jan supports various Forbion portfolio companies in their clinical development strategies and regulatory matters. His efforts have supported the development of robust development programs, IND/ NDA filings, a Special Protocol Approval (SPA), and US / EU Orphan designations for several products.

        Prior to joining ABN AMRO Capital Life Sciences (Forbion’s predecessor) in 2001, Geert-Jan received his Medical Degree from the University of Utrecht (NL), spent two years of residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University Medical Center of Utrecht and is a certified Pharmaceutical Physician. He was Medical Adviser at Searle (now Pfizer) in the field of Arthritis & Pain, being involved in the clinical development of Celebrex® and its European Advocate Development. At Byk Gulden (now Takeda) he became Clinical Research Manager, where his group was responsible for design and execution of early and late stage clinical trials forming the basis for two global p

    • Arrived here about the same time... Followed either Darkstar or RO from another board... Have so many here on ignore that I ran out of room before Yahoo upgraded the board... Appreciate those who know more than I do and are willing to contribute (both favorable and voices of warning)... Have been buying so long that I am waaaay past rational levels... Just waiting for a reasonable outcome. I'm afraid if we hit Historians target, I'd probably die of shock, leaving all the proceeds to the wife and kids... GLTA (except some notable bashers...)

    • to all, this is it, only a few days more ... best wishes

    • we had a great run up just before MMD results IIRC. Hoping this time yields better news, I'm heavily invested here. All signs are good, management is stronger and more experienced ...... and it's a different drug this time

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