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  • termy_insm termy_insm Apr 24, 2014 3:51 PM Flag

    Oh and here’s my record YTD: 100% POS!

    “I have proxys to my account who post for laughs,young teens who wonder if some adults really act like this. I rarely spend more than a few minutes here, like this mornings sell call, or second cup of cafe.
    Unfortunately the info that is supposedly me is not.

    My name is___ and I’m a full time MB fraud!
    Oh and here’s my record YTD: 100% POS!

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    • Looks like we are feeding the animals today.. Terry Mooney lives in a apartment and post all day...sad life when you think about it. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. Terry, get out and meet some friends...maybe you just need to pay someone and get laid. al

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      • its Terwwwy! NOT termy_insm campyy You are hilarious

      • ou have longs, shorts, pumpers, bashers, whiners, and longs pretending to be short, shorts acting like calling, yellow journalism sensationalism.
        I ridicule anybody who poses questions or has a positive opinion on this board
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        Who im i ?
        by termy_insm • 26 minutes ago
        I post under multiple ID’s and hired a bunch of kids to clone long time MB usernames because I’m really very busy working on complex trading strategies, developing HFT algorithms for GS and surfing the endless Elliot Waves. Less

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