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  • b_leaguered b_leaguered May 12, 2014 10:38 AM Flag


    ...of inspiration. Did you know that, in order for the stock price of INSM to go from 13.82 to its current price at 15.40, it HAD TO go thru 14.91? Likewise, if it goes to 30, it will HAVE TO go thru 16, 17, 18, 19 and so on. You get the picture. These are ALL MAJOR PIVOTS, where I will become fabulously wealthy, but I will stay close to my roots in this little mansard hovel I call home. LOL.

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    • You are an idiot

    • The point you made to Zake was fair. But I suspect he'll now go into hiding until he thinks we've all forgotten he didn't answer you.

      This wasn't the first time he's come out in support of the Delusional Half-Wit. Before now Zake has claimed to have exchanged e-mails with him.

      But Zake must surely have read the majority of the numerous posts which have exposed the DHW as a liar.

      An obvious example are the two posts whereby the DHW explained why he DID NOT short INSM at the $7.81 pivot point he'd referred to previously - followed by twenty posts whereby he boasted of his "ytd" profit from shorting INSM at $7.81.

      Anybody with the balls to regularly expose himself to the risk of holding Short positions wouldn't feel the slightest need to tell tall stories about his trades in the hope of impressing anonymous readers of a message board.

      So why does Zake still pretend to believe the DHW? Why does he act against the interests of other users of this forum by encouraging the DHW?

      And why do none of the Longs who defend Zake ever ask him these questions?

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