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  • insmview insmview May 16, 2014 11:31 AM Flag

    INSM role models should be GHDX and GNTA

    Insmed still lacks the flair of companies like Genomic Health and Genta in convincing investors that the more the price drops, the more it makes sense to buy shares.

    1. From the GHDX board on May 9:

    [ Added another 800 this morning ...
    Good Luck ]

    Jan 22 - $33.00
    Feb 25 - $29.08
    Apr 22 - $28.04
    May 09 - $26.20
    May 15 - $25.01

    2. From the GNTA board in 2002:

    a) [ Good to average down, especially at these prices,but I suspect lower.
    I bought last @7.19, hoping for a trade and a rally,GNTA really never saw it.
    Is our bear market rally over? Friday suggested it might be, if volume confirms this week, then have cash to buy this gem ...
    Good Luck to all Longs ]

    b) [ The stratagy works because it is after the fear,the shorts and the ride on the biotech rollercoaster.(NDA,FDA etc)
    Analysts ability to "move" a stock will be overtaken by what will be the marketplace in 2 years.(look at post 70's bear market for historical perspective) A marketplace of valuations and earnings.
    GNTA IMHO will have them....soooooooooo But it tuck it away dont'LOOK !come back in 2 years
    Good Luck to all Longs ]

    c) [ GNTA has a great future, but not a guaranteed one. There is RISK. I have been a biotech investor since 90 and a GNTA holder since 94(yup I was here for a 10-1 reverse split) ...
    The FDA decisions in the last year border on the ridiculous, but they are in power, but that's another story...... next year
    Good Luck to all Longs ]

    3. Update:

    Sadly the "Good Luck" investment stratagy(sic) is particularly ill-suited to biotech investment.

    Genta's ever-decreasing share price called for regular reverse splits - resulting in an overall R/S of a mind-numbing 15,000,000 to 1.

    GNTAQ was at $0.0001 when last I managed to find a price. Shareholders were still "averaging down", because they knew the share price was really $1,500.

    It's rumored some shareholders were left with serious mental health issues.

    Feel free to copy this post as a reminder of the perils of trusting to luck.

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