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  • dy2ski dy2ski Aug 12, 2014 6:59 AM Flag

    Pyramid Scheme

    Practically every *Analyst* covering (except Webush, who actually called this near perfectly. Coincidence?) is getting a piece of this latest dilution. Oh, but wait! This Offering means that these *Banks* believe in Insmed, just like we little ole' common holders! Oh, how warm and fuzzy! They would never go long AND short and reiterate Price Targets just because they know WELL in advance what's coming! NOPE. NEVER!
    Hopefully, our Money Raising, Hedge Fund CEO can actually secure a Partnership.....or who knows....maybe there is another Slam Dunk Transave type company out there that every major Pharma has ignored that just needs a little cash.
    Holding long is undeniably a suckers bet when you're on the outside like we Retail Holders.
    Congrats to you traders out there for ignoring the spoon-fed *messages.* Well done.

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    • Dy2ski - It is not that we did not expect a secondary (if no partner) since we all saw that cash was not sufficient for a PH III trial. But, what morons would wait until their PPS was at its lowest (instead of the $18-$20) to garner needed cash? We are dealing now from a position of weakness (as the market will show us soon) instead of strength just 6 weeks ago. We will be no better off than we were 1 year ago but just more diluted AND what happens if another Analyst comes along and says $7 just because he could?

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      • This is how they payback the covering analyst who help support the stock,it`s been going on forever. Most who shorted own a large position as well,so as to hedge,or were just privy to the obvious phase 3 to be announce and the secondary,so they shorted at 20 a couple of weeks ago. They cover down here and buy more long shares,if they`re not getting any of the offering shares. Share holders like myself who have shares put away can do nothing put tell yourself it`ll all be over and back up again soon enough.

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