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  • dbaaaa dbaaaa Mar 21, 2010 10:45 PM Flag

    AONE is now at a 52 week low... I for one, do NOT like this...


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    • its because they are not making money, they are losing money

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      • AONE is a DEVELOPEMENT company , plain and simple ..

        there are thousands out there , including a handful in
        the battery sector ..... the ones that you don't know about
        are small and partnered with venture capital ..

        AONE elected to go public and get off the VC dole , most
        likely that move was very early and whatever stock is
        on the shelf that was intended to maintain cash flow, is
        worth less ..

        AONE is a on a tough rode and maybe they should have
        incubated a while longer , I know that at the time that
        they went public, there was a constant roar for alternate
        energies ..... if oil tanks to the 60's everything else
        will go on hold ... later ... garce

      • Do they need money is there a threat of dilution, no. Cash on hand of 457 million and a yearly burn rate 86 million. Thats 5 years worth of cash available to the company. So the issue is can they turn a profit in that time period because if they do with only 7.5 million long term debt and 2.9 in other liabilities the leverage on the company is insignificant and profits to the bottom line will accrue quickly which results in a rising share price.

        I have said previously that they have opportunities in several business segments that all offer growth potential from mandatory back up power for towers to smart grid applications. With more cars touting hybrid and car companies increasingly adding electronics to their array of features battery life and performance become increasingly important.

        The shares have shown support in this area once before and a hybrid charges with the braking for use the stock does look a bit like that and longer duration use and faster charging will continue to improve the prospects for both the stock and the company. Look at the price of gasoline here and the expectations for auto sales this year that alone makes it a good buy point if they pass the tower mandatory battery supply which was favored by the FCC but beaten by the previous administration and money starts to move into grid build out and the demonastration project with so cal edison works out there are plenty of near term catalysts to propel the stock higher from here.

    • Crazy!!