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  • rami36 Jul 26, 2010 10:22 AM Flag

    to late to buy more upside or what??

    for the rest of the week?

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    • I know this is difficult for you to wrap your simple mind around. Insiders don't have to have a 10b5-1 trading plan. And ergo, they don't have to sell any of those "free" shares you state they get.

      However, if they do plan on selling shares to keep "rich," as you say, they are well-advised to file a plan, not to keep from being sued from profiting, or not losing more money than someone like yourself, based on having access to and using that inside information, but to use as an affirmative defense to the allegation of insider trading.

      Now, let's say the insider did plan on
      effecting sales, like Rubino is doing here quite regularly, files a plan accordingly, and then, becomes aware of better prospects for the company, wink-wink, and now decides to reject his plan or file an amended plan to sell less shares or none at all.

      The courts have decided you don't have insider trading if there isn't the precipitating event of a trade. Follow?

      So, insiders do have to sell (and perhaps the plan calls for them to purchase--not likely, since generally, options will
      vest annually to them).. and then they don't should they decide to reject or amend/modify a previously filed plan.

      Now, the Wikipedia article was well-written, comprehensive, and I thought, understandable. You obviously didn't read it.

    • Courtesy reply...yes.

    • If YOU have nothing to add to this board, other than talking CR@P, which appears to be the case, I will call you out. You are not educating anyone with your opinions...they add up to squat.

    • Teck, are you aware your profile says you are 18 years old?

    • You don't matter, and your constant attempts to sound superior are really sad. Why don't you try to discuss Aone, and do it in a way that doesn't put everyone else down? As far as stating my position and cost in Aone, you would prefer people withold information and lie. While that may be your M.O., it does nothing to further discussion and improve transparency in the markets, which (as you have no concept of) is why Al Gore invented the internet in the first place. Just shut up. I've put you on ignore, little boy.

    • There's your problem BUBBA... you A$$ume, you know what that means? Ahh, to be 18 again and know what I know....

      I only have 32 yrs. experience in the industry... and started when the INDU was 900...that's right, I didn't leave off a digit.

      As I said, if you make money yo'll be lucky BUBBA, that's all. Right now, your "several thousand shares" X 3...UNDER WATER...nothing to be proud of, or worth broadcasting.

    • And further, you 18 year old punk, I have been trading stocks since before your parents met at the flea market (or possibly over the bargain bin at Kmart). Your condescending attitude towards people who work with their hands and their minds gives up the fact tht you are a spoiled, arrogant human wanna-be who has a whole lot of growing up to do. Now, back to Aone.....

    • Yeah, Yeah? No, you don't understand it... if a plan is filed, insiders do have to sell, per the plan, that is the point, unless they subsequently reject or file an amended plan.

      I know you would like to make this sound real simple BUBBA, like your paintin' and plumbin' handyman trade, and such, but it ain't. If you make money here, it will based on luck...not 'causin you know anything BUBBA.

      And the more you write here BUBBA, the more you tell me you don't know.

    • I think there is definitely more upside. Think about it - if you buy today, you're getting AONE at pre-IPO prices (I think the IPO price was $13.50/sh; it opened on its first day of trading at $17/sh).

    • Can I buy you a jar of vaseline in the meantime?

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