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  • jordanhuck jordanhuck Oct 2, 2012 10:21 PM Flag

    AONE and GE interest

    9/10/12 General Electric Co's GE Energy Storage and Xtreme Power formalized a strategic alliance to provide cutting-edge energy storage solutions using GE's Durathon battery technology for grid energy storage systems and Xtreme Power's experience as an integrated energy storage turn-key solutions provider. Alan Gotcher, President & CEO of Xtreme Power. said, "GE's world-famous technology, matched with Xtreme Power's XACT control platform and systems integration expertise, is a win for everyone concerned about efficient, cost effective energy storage." Xtreme has a solar grid storage project up and running in Hawaii too. Maybe A123's best battery solution is superior to Durathon and GE would be interested for that product but considering the date of GE alliance with Xtreme, they did not wait for AONE to get it's house in order before moving forward in grid storage without us. GE was a 4.3% holder of AONE June 29 according to Yahoo. I'd be relieved to know they have a larger position now. That said, AONE got money to build a cutting-edge factory, did so, but fell flat on faces not taking obvious quality control measures. Wanxiang is known publicly for 'keeping existing management' and their 9.99% stake 'keeps the lights on' at AONE into spring 2013. AONE CC mentioned getting up to 75% run-rate and production matching orders in place. Possibly an in-business AONE with the egg washed largely off the face could draw on unused government money to increase production capacity in America. A comment I heard from mgmt mentioned ~40,000 cars worth of battery for a Megawatt of storage. It will take new capacity for AONE to sell product in grid storage space which will grow in coming years here and abroad, and fulfill growing vehicular committments too. Wanxiang at 80% ownership, if CFIUS approved AONE/Wanxiang agreement as documented now, does not happen completely until 2014. Another large stakeholder could emerge before 80% is necessary if business shows production improve, new battery tech looks good on other peoples benches, and Chinese orders booked (gratis Wanxiang) materialize.

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