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  • jamesmvp jamesmvp Oct 24, 2012 11:41 AM Flag

    I think we'll be okay.

    Like many of you, I was freaking out and was ready to take a big loss from the .17 stock price I bought at the other day. But I think things are going to be okay. I don't think the stock will be delisted on Friday and I think the company will get good news in the courts.

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    • Bankruptcy courts have massive power and jurisdiction in local/domestic transactions, and they usually trump other courts. But when it comes to sale of assets to a foreign power, I believe the State Dept. still holds the trump card.

      Any Bankruptcy court would invite more bidders. That helps the price up a notch, and that is good for creditors. Wanxiang is certainly a green light from the bkcy court. But the State Dept.? ........ uhhhhhhh ...... no way.

      Back to 5 cents like it was right after the Oct. 16 bkcy announcement. That was/is the true price. Maybe lower depending on how badly JCL wants, but they have no competition in the bidding, so they have all the bargaining power. 2 cents.

      Also, bkcy court will have to sort out all the assets and creditors first. There will be motions and hearings and rulings and orders. Then the true value of AONE will be clear to the 1 potential buyer JCL. JCL will make an offer with no competition, but the bkcy court might not permit the sale if they think JCL is lowballing too much. Also, creditors will be banging their drums regarding what is a fair sales price. Since the listed free market trading price on the NASDAQ has already hit 5 cents, I don't see JCL paying more than 3 or 4 cents, even they are still interested what with all the cheap fracking gasoline coming up and lack of interest in electric cars in America. China Japan Holland England, yeah, America no.

      Good luck with your vision of Chicago morning rush hour of little electric cars politely yielding to each other on a frigid winter morn. My experience with that was like it was Daytona, and you better have big horsepower and big brakes.

      Entrepreneurs in electric car industry should just go to a foreign country to promote it. We don't need it here. We got fracking and benzene shrimp and apparently it's okay (although I'm not too fond of either.)

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    • friday??? it will be delisted by tomorrow. do your research lil j.