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  • stamo stamo Jun 3, 1999 2:44 PM Flag

    Stupid Jerk

    Why don't you go to another message board to post your BS you Stupid Jerk. WE don't care about your HOT ideas. WE are happy to sit back and wait for the Big Indian to make it's move.

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    • If you want to know what the target
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      You can also get
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      if DNY has a ranking of HOLD now at
      32, what if
      at 30, 25 or 22? this
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    • Hey guys and girls, it looks like another buying
      opportunity has arrived as the stock plummits once again.
      Time to shift your other half of your 401K to thew RRD
      stock fund. This stock has dropped almost 50% in the
      last year even as profits have met expectations. What
      gives? Maybe we ought to run the business the way it
      should be run instead of worrying about EVA and Wall
      Street. It sure ain't happening under current Corporate

    • Everybodys 401k account is dropping except a few of us who play the value scene. Like moving half your 401k into the donnelley stock fund when it was low.

    • dny up 1/2 today in a terrible market----lots of faith in davis and company ---40$ soon --

    • This is another reason why Quebecor is going to
      have problems and the customers that they service are
      going to start looking DNY,s Way.
      Bill Davis said
      we will not print,just to print. We,ll print to make
      money. Prices will go up. Bigger isn,t always better and
      it will take time for Quebecor to fix the
      They will not keep all of their customers they
      have recently aquired thru WRC.

    • I STILL SAY 45$-----INDIAN FOREVER!!!!!

    • The RRD acquisition gave a significant amount of
      control to DNY of the long run gravure market. The
      concern with the FTC and the customers was DNY could
      control pricing. WRC and PRW won't have that kind of
      control over any one market. There is still plenty of
      capacity to keep prices lower. With the pressure to gain
      more revenues to pay off the debt, price wars could
      result. Quebecor World will cut employees to gain the
      efficiencies required to service the interest. This merger
      will have many bumps in the road before it is
      successfully integrated. WRC is still integrating its own
      recent acquisitions.

    • I see less competition because of the merger. So
      I see this as helping DNY,S earnings even more. For
      I see prices rising for the customer.
      remember DNY,S customers were upset when we purchased
      Merida B. for they were worried prices would soar.

    • Actually, I didn�t short the printing industry
      but I did sell most of my holdings. I�m still holding
      World Color until the merger then I�m out completely.
      IMHO � Quebecor has huge interest payments to make and
      this will only compound as interest rates continue to
      rise. DNY and PRW will get into a pricing war like the
      industry has never seen. Margins will erode and stock
      prices will fall. You don�t have to agree. But just
      remember this post in February of 2000.

    • Wow, looks like someone has sold short in the
      print industry (NoLapDog), I'm not sure why you think
      this is a dead industry when print companies continue
      to improve earnings and grow. (Take Queb World for
      instance even if it isn't Donnelley). Oh, and nice big
      words in your post, are words like synergies and
      comglomerate supposed to make you more credible? On another
      note, it's nice to see an upgrade for a change even if
      it is from neutral to short term accumulate.

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