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  • stamo stamo Aug 1, 2001 5:10 PM Flag

    DNY as a Cash Cow

    Going back many years ago, I remember sitting in a business class discusing the business cycle of most companies. There was a startup, followed by growth, a leveling off and finally a slow decline. In the declining stage companies in railroading, utilities etc did not grow very much and most of their profits were paid out in dividends.

    Is this what you are suggesting about DNY?

    If so, welcome to the club. I have felt that leadership has been lacking for a very long time. There has been little or no vision and until DNY gets someone who can turn the Company around the future looks unrewarding to shareholders.

    A long time ago, I suggested that our board should contact Jack Welch of GE when he retires
    and ask if he would be interested in helping to turn DNY around.

    He could do it in his spare time.

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