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  • elstockjock elstockjock Mar 22, 2011 7:55 PM Flag

    What price last IVR Secondary

    Susan why are you still spouting off about book value.
    You were proven wrong on that well over a year ago on the agnc board.
    You never saw your 23$ and were left out in the cold because of it.
    Why do you think people ran you off that board.

    So you are saying nobody would payover 22 for IVR.

    ...." I said before there is no way anyone is paying $22 buck for this stuff"

    Oh really!
    I see another poster stated that 22.30 was the last offering price for IVR so someone here needs to shut their trap. They could have easily priced these shares at 22.50 and got that.

    Like I told you so many times in the past.
    These reits do not trade at their book values because nobody buys them for that.
    They are bought for the dividends they pay.

    You can go on talking bull about how IVR ain't worth over 22 just like you did about agnc and will be wrong once again.
    You really need to stick with your options because if you ever put hard money down to buy actual shares you will never get them, because your always waiting for to low a price.

    You want to call me a pumper.
    Well if thats what you think then what are you a negative pumper,always underpricing the value of the stock.

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