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  • whorified_hank_jr whorified_hank_jr Jul 1, 2005 11:16 AM Flag


    Worth a shit. My kids toys break, the clothing comes unstiched. They have to be the greediest country on the face of the earth. We buy their shit and they take u.s. Dollars and invest in arms to take us out down the road. I think some of that greed has runeth over to ucl short term speculators.....not the good folks who have their money invested in ucl.

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    • The previous U. S. president left while running surpluses of a quarter trillion a year. The current president is running deficits of a half trillion a year. That's a 3/4 trillion swing year after year after year. Get used to a chronically depressed dollar and a massive shift in corporate ownership from U.S. ownership to euro-based or yuan-based ownership. The same thing happened for the same reason in the 1980's when yen-based Japanese bought up Pebble Beach golf course and U.S. tech companies and U.S. financial institutions and famous New York skyscrapers. All of this will reverse itself, as the Japanese wave reversed itself in the 1990's, when U.S. fiscal policy changes.

    • I am glad I am not the only one to see these liars for what they are......


    • You are one and the same of atlass..both are liars and both are trying to direct this issue instead of discussing it.


    • ----------------------
      I have no doubt in my mind that if all this merger crap wasn't going on, that UCL would be selling for ABOVE $70!!!!! To both of them I say " you're NOT getting my stock for the peanuts you are now offering!!!"

      Who cares what "you are saying"??
      What you say doesn't count anyway. Face it dude.
      --more like $55 without the buyout hype premium.
      As usual you and hukerdo and roidboy-atlas are In de Nile!!

      But y'all DO put the FUN in dysFUNctional.

    • You realize that if it's voted through, they'll get your stock, whether you like it or not.

    • You're off the deep end buster!!! George W's advisors are FOR Cnooc's bid because if we don't allow it, then China will put the squeeze on US!!!!!It wouldn't be pretty, believe me.In the meantime they would BLOCK Bausch & Lomb from buying that Chinese company ---what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander too!!! I have no doubt in my mind that if all this merger crap wasn't going on, that UCL would be selling for ABOVE $70!!!!! To both of them I say " you're NOT getting my stock for the peanuts you are now offering!!!"

    • When they are talking to themselves and nobody is listening, sure the talks are smooth. Congress already told them to fuck off. Sorry, no US orl for chinese peoper.

    • and 150 .22 cents is like a 3300 loss,,,i make that in a week,,,,stupid,,,and it aint over yet,,,got 8 trading days left,,,lot can happen,,,and you still havent stated any position,,,,,,shit talker,,,but henry is a shit name,,,what do yu expect,,,cnooc will takeover ucl

    • Atlass, You are a looser !!!!

      How does it feel ?

      How does it feel to be on your own but not a rolling stone ?

      The second deritive shows this to be a "MAX".

      (for your feeble lieing mind thats when the slope of a function = 0...the derivitive of a constant does in fact = 0)


    • You still maintain that distinction. If memory serves me correctly we are not buying 100 interest in the oil companies we are doing business with in Russia and Libya. So what? We still cannot have our cake and eat it too. I have now say over whether the U.S. Government provides interest free loans and you don't either. Anyway we do not even know if a U.S. Corporation has a desire to acquire an Chinese Company. Perhaps they would permit it. Again I state that it is the very Chinese that are keeping our flimsly economy going as it is. They buy our U.S. Treasuries and Corporate Bonds by the truck loads. It looks the U.S. is going to cut off the hand that feeds them.

      You need to get familiar with economics fella.
      My guest is that our politicians will wake up before it is too late and permit this purchase.
      I know some of them are somewhat naive but hardly that naive.

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