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  • burnt_orange_76 burnt_orange_76 Apr 8, 2000 2:44 AM Flag

    Sorry Dear John

    Sorry dude - guilt by association doesn't work...
    My President lied and (probably) stole - does that
    make every comany in the US a thief and a liar? I've
    been to both Burma and Afghanistan (have you???) and
    the guilt by association doesn't mean crap. Using
    your NPR math - Unocal in Afghanistan + women being
    oppressed in Afghanistan = Unocal oppressing women all over
    the world (according to Mrs. Jay Leno who didn't
    realize that Unocal was already out of Afghanistan and
    never even had an office there...) Same crud applied in
    Burma - slave labor probably was used by the government
    - but WHERE'S THE PROOF that UCL used slave
    labor??? My country's government killed citizens in Waco,
    is about to send a boy back to a communist country
    to live in an oppressed society, and my country's
    president sexually abused a woman with a cigar - must be
    the fault of Microsoft, McDonalds and GM...

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    • Abused a woman with a cigar? I once knew a woman
      who smoked cigars - yes, she was abusive. Also, she
      had so much underarm hair, I thought she had Don King
      in a head-lock. Anyway, quick de-focusing has
      nothing to do with the issue at hand.

    • I have been to Myannmar ( Burma ) a few times
      when I was with Unocal. ( Recently Redeployed -I guess
      I was no longer of value to the strange Company -
      now working for an Oil Service Company with better
      working conditions, but thats another story)

      Unocal does not used slave labor - well, defacto they
      do, because they pay the employees nothing, if they
      do not work, then the Gov't troops/police will make
      them work. ( They have got schedules you know ) If
      they still don't, they disappear and you never see
      them again. ( I guess they just send them home - yea
      right )

      Like all companies, they will use all
      the countries good benefits ( Cheap - some what
      forced labor ) to make a buck. Yes, they do that in all
      the countries they work in, Myannmar is no different.

      Good Ole Roger, Ling, Willamson and the other idiots
      that run ( badly ) this company know and laugh at
      these circumstances.

      The companies ethic's,
      well, they will use employees out of Singapore, India,
      and Jakarta (British/Aussy/French)employees to run
      these employees because most americans will come over
      here an say this is not right. These TCN's ( Third
      county nationals ) will work for high dollars in this
      shitty system, keep there mouths shut and get the job
      done and smile all the way to the bank, and use the
      shit hole that Unocal puts on them, and never try to
      improve the lives of the nationals.

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      • They would have to wipe out the whole population
        of Burma to come close to China's human rights
        record. World companies are breaking thier necks to do
        bussiness with the commies. We should start with China ,the
        worst offender, doing bussiness with the most

      • I heard a joke a few years back. It seems the
        CEO's of UNOCAL and ARCO decided to have a boat race.
        ARCO showed up with an 8 man team, 7 rowers and 0ne
        caller. UNOCAL showed up with 7 callers and One rower.
        When UNOCAL lost the CEO fired the rower!!
        claims that refining was always a loosing game, so it
        sold off the Cal. assets. Tosco has had 3 fires and
        still makes money.
        Like alot of companies Unocal is
        moving out of the over-regulated US to third world
        Good luck to us all.