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  • dtran115 dtran115 May 30, 2000 6:05 PM Flag

    Today's action shown that the street is

    skeptical of MRVC management and this sentiment
    will not change until MRVC execute its first spinoff.
    MRVC's shareholders are sick of seeing optical component
    companies with much less sales enjoying higher market cap
    than MRVC's whole company. I am still waiting for the
    management to execute and my neck is getting longer and

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    • Fiber Optimism
      Nortel, Lucent, and Cisco are
      battling to win the high-stakes fiber-optics

      By Lee Bruno
      From the June 2000 issue

      "What this optical transformation means to consumers is
      simple: Internet access speeds 60 times faster than
      today's fastest copper wire connection, a 56-Kbps modem.
      One optical fiber can carry 130,000 simultaneous
      phone calls; several hundred fibers are bundled into a
      single cable. You do the math. Once this high-speed
      thoroughfare is in place, a whole new class of services and
      applications will be possible, including entertainment-quality
      video on the Web, interactive TV, the eons-old idea of
      the videophone, and streaming media that won't choke
      every ten

      Seeing hot spots
      Use these guidelines to identify the
      most promising optical-networking developers and

      Bright Lights
      Six of the hottest optical networking


    • Mr. VC called Mr. Street and asked "why are you
      so unfair to me, my cap is a fraction of what it
      should be". Mr Street said "I give your best company
      Luminent a PSR of 15, which is reasonable in this market".
      Mr VC asked " what about other assets?". Mr. Street
      said "what other assets?".

      What about Zaffire?
      Mr. Street said "no fire yet"
      What about Charlotte
      Web? Mr. Street said "lot of web still"
      What about
      Jolt? Mr. Street said "too foggy right now, no big
      boy's alliance yet"
      What about Nbase? Mr. Street
      said "Is that N means NOT?"
      What about All Optical?
      Mr. Street said "Too much light, not focus
      What about Optical Crossing? Mr. Street said "Too much
      light spreading all over the places"
      What about
      Zuma? Mr. Street said "Is that Z means Zero?"
      about CES? Mr. Street said "Are they stand for Cheap
      Equipment & System?"

      In the end, Mr. VC said "Mr.
      Street, you are a mean dog, what can I do to get you like
      me?". Mr. Street said "you need to clean your house and
      put things in order. Right now, all I see if too much
      smoke, fog, lights scattering all over places that make
      me dizzy. When things are clear up, I will like you

      The end

    • SDLI went up 24+ points today, that gain
      represents more than MRVC's entire market cap. Since at
      least part of SDLI's increase was due to extension and
      expansion of an agreement with JDSU, I guess it goes to
      show that stock prices do react positively if your
      selling more products and publicize it.

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