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    MRVC meeting and tour notes #1

    MRVC shareholders meeting and tours of (a)
    Luminent foundry, (b) Luminent HQ and (c) Zuma HQ.

    Social/Personal things first.

    I showed up late, having
    visted the dentist first. I dunno what happened the
    first 30 minutes. Do not watch Interview With The
    Vampire on video the night before a dentist visit.

    Approximately 80 people at the shareholder's meeting and about
    25 on the tour. MRVC
    provided two shuttle vans
    for the tours.

    I was among the youngest
    people in the room, and nearly the youngest on the tour.
    This I'm not used to anymore. And I was the only one
    on the tour wearing a sweater. <ggg> Diana was
    younger, and
    the President of Zuma was way under 30.
    He got his BS in 1996 from Caltech. He started at
    MRVC before
    he graduated. He used to do their
    world wide training. Very very well spoken, much better
    than anyone
    else except maybe Eric Blachno. He can
    run my company any day. He mentioned that he was
    president and basically acting CEO, but that he hadn't
    taken the CEO title, and that was his call. I guess he
    was thinking he would need someone else to help run
    the company so he wanted that title open to offer to

    Noam looked ok for someone who had his
    net worth drop from 150million down to 30 million
    instead of climbing to 1 billion. Someone mentioned he
    looked like he had aged. I'd not seen him before. Maybe
    he read Kaka's or Sector's predictions (as opposed
    to all of us who don't know what they're talking
    about) of what might be and expected the stock price to
    zig instead of zag.

    Didn't talk to too many
    people, a few on the tour. There was a fellow in all
    black with a hat and cool shades asking pointed and
    good questions. Someone very tall and quite old,
    walked slowly who picked up some of the parts off the
    assembly benches. A pair, one older, one younger needing
    to get back to the airport on time - I gave them the
    directions I printed off the Zuma web site. At least I think
    it was on how to get to Zuma from the airport. And I
    hopefully over estimated the amount of time for them to get
    there, at least I do hope they got there early rather
    than late.

    I brought some lunch, figuring MRVC
    was fairly cheap and unlikely to supply much food.
    There was a breakfast at the meeting, but nothing else.
    At Luminent and Zuma, they both emphasized that they
    try to take good care of the employees. Both places
    had fairly large eating areas, which mainly impressed
    me by being quite clean. Someone is caring for them;
    of course they are brand new facilities.

    None of the employees struck me as being under stress
    at all. We mainly saw clerical and top managment,
    rather few engineers and assemblers since it was lunch
    hour when we were touring.

    Heard one lady
    talking about being a lurker on SI. Well, me too. Who
    else was there? Speak up and be counted!

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    • Many thanks for the meeting notes.

      Thanks also to Cmmdr-ed and anyone else who went and reported back. Maybe i'll make next years.

    • <<BSP, was anything said about
      By the size of the font used for them at, They look like they are becoming less important.

      I heard not a word about hyperchannel. I think they
      must have actually mentioned the name at least once,
      when listing the partner companies, but that's not
      from memory but from reasoning about the meeting and
      how it went.

      Another MIA was the "European
      subsidiaries" listed on the web site as just that and mentioned
      at least once.

      Noam definitely watergated
      anything that wasn't going strongly. Not that I blame
      But he did have lots of positive stuff to talk about.
      These meetings must be h*!! when you've only got bad
      news to present.

      The NYTimes had a nice long
      article on CMGI, and the tone that Noam set versus the
      description of how CMGI is run was striking. Noam emphasized
      several times that MRVC was an ORGANIZED TECHNOLOGY
      VENTURE Company. They didn't just start up random
      companies, and they don't just create companies at random.
      They make sure that the companies don't step on each
      other's toes, while still supplying each other, and
      making deals with each other. The NYTimes article
      suggested that CMGI companies are required to make
      "draconian" deals with each other. Noam didn't address the
      terms which the other companies deal with each other.

      - BSP

    • BSP, was anything said about

      By the size of the font used for them at

      They look like they are becoming less important.

    • Please don't ask her (he?)to recommend
      anything.In addition to being a shameless hypester of MRVC,
      she has also steered many of the MRVC investors (that
      simply idolize her) toward CNTR and other stocks that
      proved to be big losers. In my opinion, place her on
      your IGNORE list. She's a LOSER!!!!!

    • companies that you like here at these levels besides MRVC? I agree with you that there are a lot of attractive ones here. As usual, I always appreciate your comments.


    • sjjahn asked:
      <<Did Noam say CWNT is
      participating in trials with csco and jnpr sponsored by light
      something? >>

      I think he said that CSCO and
      JNPR did NOT participate. And he implied but didn't
      directly state that that meant something - something
      positive about CWNT. However, I think it means that CWNT
      needs all the PR they can get, while CSCO & JNPR don't.
      They can only lose by the comparison, and can't gain
      by winning.

      Anyone else?

      - BSP

    • <<Did you have a red sweater

      Duffeck - Pleased to make your
      acquaintance! I rather enjoyed your questions / comments /
      commentary at the tour.

      <<My notes are not
      nearly as complete as yours. I will compare them if
      there are any significant discrepancies I will point
      them out.>>

      Yes, definitely. And your
      general over all impression would be welcome.


    • Duff!
      That was you! Good looking! I was there
      in the back. couldn't pass it. too much vested

      bit disappointed about delay in CWNT. rev ship in mid
      2001? They are probably still working on softwares.
      but, Zuma exceeded expectation, me thinks. Zuma CEO
      very impressive.

      Noam and LMNE CFO were both as
      much agahhhhh as we were about 12-16 target. That
      tells a story. story is

      "Coverage is not gonna
      come by begging! They have to prove it"

      When Zuma,CWNT,ZAFF become buzz words, only then we
      will pass old high. not sure OA would do it. not sure
      about iTouch either. Noam did not say much about ITCH,

      Did Noam say CWNT is participating in
      trials with csco and jnpr sponsored by light something?

    • Excellent recap! Incidentally I was the guy in
      all black with the hat and sunglasses. Did you have a
      red sweater on? My notes are not nearly as complete
      as yours. I will compare them if there are any
      significant discrepancies I will point them out.


    • Ditto,also Commander Ed and all others who shared.



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