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  • hieronymous_blat hieronymous_blat Mar 9, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    Brilliant move

    I'm going to buy some AOL, now that they have taken over Huffington Report. If the GOP morons can manage to defund NPR, AOL will succeed in privatize liberal communications, and in so doing DESTROY dumb a$$ radio -- FOX, Hannity, Rush, Beck and all the morons who only exist because stoopid people need an alternative to NPR, whose in depth reporting is too difficult for them to grasp.

    Franken's radio station would have thrived had it not been for government subsidized NPR. There are some great opportunities here. The best thing is that intelligent radio would be able to pull out all the stops and stop PRETENDING that the moronic, right wing world views even make sense. Taking over Huffpost might have been a brilliant move on AOL's part.

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    • I know balancing a check book seems crazy to liberal but thats what makes business sense. On the gov take your entire life you can't see most libs can't. Juan Williams a lib preaches sensibility and personally I want to hear his position. I was a lib once but it seems to me balancing the check book should be common practice.

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      • Well, you cons have a real knack for destroying entire financial systems through short sighted greed! LOL! And then after the train wreck ,your STINGINESS sets in, and that is a REAL clincher when it comes to eternal poverty! LOL! Libs may be free spenders, but they also understand intelligent priorities. Cons? Well, first we let the rich destroy the system, then we need the poor to tighten their belts! If they don't, we just criminalize poverty and "wasteful spending" while enjoying the lowest tax rate in the nations history! COns are morons, that's all! A little like a obese Herman Goering telling the German people they need to stop eating butter!

    • LOL!!! What a Maroon!!

    • tasks like balancing a check book and staying within your budget sounds American to me. NPR killed itself plain and simple. Like the liberal radical nut jobs that are not willing to hear any thing else.

    • Wow. You sound like the CEO of AOL. My guess is you can't afford to buy AOL or do they let you do that with welfare checks? Sounds like you are bitter that Rush and Hannity are so successful. Nobody wants to listen to Franken, Air America (gone), NPR, MSNBC. Nobody wants to listen. They are full of people like you. People listen to informative stations, not GOP bashing stations with no backup. Liberals fail, conservatives thrive. Huffington found a chump. Armstrong bet the whole company and his career on his idealogy instead of business experience. Please buy AOL with your entitlement check. Everybody else is selling. The only thing keeping AOL afloat was conservative customers. Now they are gone. Bye Bye AOL.