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  • iamtheone449 iamtheone449 Jul 1, 2011 2:02 AM Flag


    1) REDF valuated at $208M compared to huge market caps of Chinese portal companies.

    2) 1 Million new users in India in last 6 months. See

    3) 21% traffic growth in last 3 months . See

    4) Fastest traffic growth among in India. See

    5) PE of 68 in 2012 and 44 in 2013 . See

    6)) Revenue growth of 13.6% (YOY) . See yahoo financial and

    7) Extremely oversold after crash from $18 to $7

    8) Float is only 14M out of 27M outstanding shares

    9) Tiny market cap of $208M compared to $45B of Bidu and $7B of SINA

    10) Ho Jaye is huge deal for thrifty Indian

    11) As India's middle class expands, its internet market continues to grow at a rapid pace.

    12) Recent reports from IAMAI Research says that internet awareness in the country is surging.

    13) According to IAMAI Research, about 69 per cent of the rural population is aware of the internet as opposed to 16 per cent projected in last year's report.

    14) Growing middle class sector in India

    15) Growing consumer consumption in 1.3B population of India

    16) REDF is considered as GroupOn of India

    17) REDF is in Nine largest traffic website on the Internet

    18) Rediff is largest local Indian search engine in 23 different languages . This is advantage of REDF over Google and Fascebook

    19) India is a massive potential and growing market with 23 official languages but where English is the only lingua franca.

    20) Short ratio of 10.2% of the float

    21) Insiders hold 14% of shares and they don’t sell

    21) $48M in cash and cashable assets

    22) REDF is growing beyond India into Asia and Middle East

    23) Analyst upgraded REDF after launching the group discount service Ho Jaye

    24) Shorts keep bashing and shorting and will have to cover at higher prices

    25) REDF is takeover target by Microsoft and Yahoo

    26) REDF intends to launch serve like PriceLine and Expedia for India

    27) REDF intends to launch serve like Ebay for India

    28) India has 23 official languages and this is great advantage of REDF over Google , MSN and Yahoo

    29) REDF is a takeover target according to NYT article.

    30) REDF has tiny cap of $208M which is very easy to manipulate by hedge funds. A 50% bounce in period of week is very likely


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