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  • messaaaa messaaaa Mar 5, 2012 4:20 PM Flag

    Hat's Off to AOL for pulling its ads.

    When a Sleeze Bag demeans a student in the lowest form of a slur, its time to pull support for that individual.

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    • your message is a bit old but here I go. The gal you are talking about is not a student when she testified. She is a practicing attorney in LA.

      If President Obama can make fun of Palins retarded kid and get a walk from liberal press and the other guy calling her a Cu*t then the liberal press wins again at least as far as your thinking. YouTube pulled the Jay Leno video, wonder why.

      The gal in question exaggerated the cost unless shes a rabbit. The reason the media has pulled the ads is simple they are Liberal Media.

    • His comments were out-of-line and AOL has the right to pull their ads. People, like myself, can also dump AOL and many have and will continue to do so. The stock was down 4% today, much more than the major averages. Where were liberals when Ed Schultz called Ingram a slut? Oh, I know, that's're for freedom of speech when libs demean women. Libs even hated Hillary when she was against someone (Obama) further left than she was on the political spectrum. Too funny.

      This stock is headed much lower and soon.