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  • animalpics animalpics Apr 9, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    well I shorted but that does not mean...


    well I shorted but that does not mean that I should bash a stock and possibly cause others to loose; let the others make their own judgment..... I personally think that the 40+% gain wont stick by the closing bell....

    but I hate the shorts just taking over a board for personal gains...

    goodluck everyone

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    • No doubt... Shorts got caught with pants down... let the covering subside and the stock will slowly creep back down once the news ages a little. Kodak spiked and went up and down a few times on their patent sell news... then they went bankrupt and ended up on pink sheets. Not to say that will happen to AOL, but 43% gain... come on. AOL is NOT a well managed company or they would not have to be selling their patents.

    • Sorry about your loss, but the situation here is bad for shorts, I've shorted some stocks, I'd suggest cutting the loss,
      This big news and jump is totally unpredictable, it seems going up higher at least for days,