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  • scooby_doo_on_the_floo scooby_doo_on_the_floo Jun 2, 2012 12:58 PM Flag

    IS AOL a shell?

    I know at one time this company was THE internet company. But what do they do now? They don't even send discs out anymore. Anyone could get a server and be an ISP now
    Once in a blue moon, I get an email from someone with an AOL address, but that can't be much of a business anymore
    Huffington post is one of 100 million news sites
    Big pie and millions of slices. But what the hell is worth 2.5 billion here? They sold their premiere patent assets and want to make money licensing others. PTSC does that, but the stock costs less than a dime and the market cap is 38 million, not 2.5 bill
    AOL needs to be a buck and trade on pink sheets where it belongs.