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  • marketmadnessisok marketmadnessisok Aug 29, 2012 7:09 AM Flag

    Special div

    I have owned this stock for almost a year and would of thought it would have jumped on this news. What am i missing here? Thanks Mike

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    • same here....

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      • A little logic here. There has been a constant infusion of purchases from AOL itself propping this thing up to where it is in the lower 30's. There is now a special div record date 3 months out. This company's growth prospects are swirling down the toilet and the only reason to get into this stock is to receive the special div wherein after the record date/ex-div date, the stock is anticipated to plunge. If I were getting in for the special div, I'd wait to purchase this thing hoping to get in at a lower price than 33+. I also would weigh the consequences of the return upon receiving the special div vs. the capital losses had on sale post-dividend due to a very immediate, computer-program-driven rapid price decline. It won't be pretty for the longs in the pre-market post div date.

        On the other hand, weigh shorting (as an example) 1000 shares on ex-div. Let's say the price is 33 on that day. You will have 5150 deducted from your basis due to the special div, however, if this thing goes back to 23 soon thereafter, you will net 4850 off the trade (no, I'm not taking into account any taxes or fees here). If this POS goes even lower post divvy, then the shorts really win.

        ...but, #$%$ do I know...
        Just saying and just watching the action here. GLTA.

        PS personally, the safest way to play this POS is to play with options on it or stay away until after the special div.