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  • farringtonhwy farringtonhwy Sep 6, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    makes you wonder if Wes is actually doing the opposite of what he says

    nobody could make so many wrong calls and have such bad timing and still be around this long

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    • Most likely, he owns no stock of any kind whatsoever. I, like most investors, look on yahoo message boards for entertainment purposes. Likely a good 80% of posters own little or no stock and have little or no financial means. Do you really think a serious investor (long or short) would be free all day to make foaming-at-the mouth, all-caps predictions or even have any desire to post such things? Absolutely not.
      Wes is likely a shut-in with significant personality/psychiatric issues who enjoys bantering with anonymous people on the internet as he has all day to do so and nothing else of meaning in his life. Enjoy him for entertainment. If anyone takes his comments seriously, well, they shouldn't be investing. Try S&P reports as a objective, researched information.

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      • Ah young one. No one could afford to sit and provide a character for your fantasy and still eat and pay the bills. I assure you I do not do this for fun however sometimes I do do the opposite of my posts on less intelligent equity boards. You guys are pretty astute here, seriously compared to many of my positions. APA I am short. I am quite happy all year long and the end of last year shorting APA. I started my APA short a long time ago in the $104's and left it for a while (after a profit) and then came back to it when I saw it was about to nose dive. I am on the third round of shorting this pig and it has been a trying position that just has cost me interest so far (on the third round).

        I am sure as an "investor" you have some misplaced pride or ego about this company. I do not let those things influence my decisions. APA is a clear short, regardless of the day to day fluctuations or what color lipstick Steve puts on this pig. Good luck.

      • it is funny to see him try and spin all his wrong moves ... he even contradicts himself on different boards .. it just hard to get away from him

      • all you guys do on this board is bash the shorters....let em go unless you are unsure of your own investments. They are so much noise in an upward market. jeeez

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