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  • rndyjensen rndyjensen Jul 19, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    Very strange trading-- where is all this selling coming from ? Must be option expiration !

    we will have to wait till next week to get us over $25 and make no mistake we will get there on our way to $35 by year end 2013. GLTA

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    • That is a FACT about options YOU know this game, GOOD JOB took me a while to understand best thing buy 24 or 25 aug calls for 50 cents and you have GREAT qtr and outlook with buy-back 250 million bucks also have 20 trading days SWEET. Then again also pick up some NOV calls I got 28 for 60 cents NOT bad after SWKS hits 32 next earning CC. GB CRAIG market is NOT a easy game or evryone would play YOU must learn the hard way that way you won't forget saying forgive BUT don't forget. I caused it all what I was told to protect bad dreams sometimes O WELL diff story can't control people they are who they are. BUT how hard is it to pick up a phone and make a call??????? O PLEASE people get what they deserve and I know alot of new people some I TRUST and others well I know what they are good for, I had noting to do with it and stick to my plan YOU won't get caught then it never happened BUT GOD KNOWS. FINE eye for eye and tooth for tooth also death for death and jaw for jaw. I learned to walk again so can others GOD WILLING and if NOT stay in wheel chair less chance I see ya again and who will be LAUGHING this time I smile don't laugh. The older I get the smarter GOD gets funny how that works.

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