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  • okcpa_ okcpa_ Jan 9, 1999 11:16 AM Flag

    Well after some soul searching and insig

    to dump my short position on Monday, and go long,
    DBCC, I am hoping to make up the $59,000 I lost
    shorting this stock. I should of listen to JAPRINCESS and
    TERD, I would have made over a hundred thounsand
    dollars, instead I now face a massive margin call next
    week. Hope to see it go to 60 after I buy it. GO DBCC.

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    • it was OKCPA_ ... ie followed by an

      this was posted by TERD and his crew of liars.

      see how they are "pumping & dumping".

      DIRK is
      the only fellow here who has a clue about what is
      going on.

    • FITB is the symbol for Fifth Third, the best bank stock around in my opinion (IMO). Regards, Ken

    • Is that the symbol for 5th3rd bank. I think it is. Also what is the symbol IMO everybody uses. Regards, Oldtimer.

    • People believe what they want to believe. Some
      idiot said he was Mr. Pink, so now they believe he is.
      Someone mentions a possible INF IPO, now there is one.
      CBS is for sure going to buy DBCC don't you know.

      One fact. Some poor saps are going to buy DBCC at an
      outrages price and wonder what happen to this sure thing.
      While these con artist and hypesters sleep dreaming of
      what they will do with their new found wealth. What
      they are not aware of is, they are killing a good
      thing. I've been reading articles on shorts losing money
      on the internets. Wait till you start reading about
      longs and how they lost big buying run away internet
      stocks at the top. Everyday a new article is written
      about the bubble bursting and a new analyst saying it
      is out of hand. This is a high profile stock and if
      people get crushed you could be reading that. Don't be
      surprised if some fund manager looks at what he/she has
      made on this stock in a sort time frame, drops it and
      moves on.

      There are some very good people
      posting here not involved in cons or hype. I do hope
      folks reading this thread for the first time read
      carefully what they have to say, it may not be "sexy", but
      it is reality. I apologize for wanting to caution
      new investors. I have been saying for weeks now,
      seeing people lose money gives me no pleasure short or
      long. Flame away, I can take it.

    • I short stocks for a living. I jumped on this
      bandwagon at 27 1/2. Not too many. Just 2000 shares.
      Watched it trade all day long. Covered at 26. Technical
      analysis shows a consolidation at 26 and I expect it
      seriously move upward Monday. The momentum is definitely
      still building and this one will see 50 by Thursday. I
      will short it after the IPO.

    • I'm sorry you didn't fare so well. If you do go
      LONG on DBCC, you should be very careful. Place
      trailing stops (ie. if the stock is at 30, place stop at
      27. If it moves higher, readjust your stop so you can
      still try to capitalize on a big move and not lose much
      of your gains).

      Trying to SHORT internet
      stocks and holding the position overnight is like
      standing in front of a runaway train. Very deadly. I made
      that mistake myself. Shorting internet stocks is fine
      as long as you watch it CAREFULLY during the day and
      determine your STOP beforehand should it become necessary.
      Whether you're up or down, make sure you cover it by the
      end of the day. Holding it overnight won't get you
      any sleep.

    • Hate to see that kind of loss by ANYONE.... Hope you make a ton on this.....

    • wagon we're going to 50-60 this week, will make me 100 grand i can buy some hog feed with it and a ford newholland new tractor.

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      • I entered this stock at 15.25 and 17.25,ending up
        selling at 24 .25 when the trend started to change only
        to end up buying at 26 and loosing out on 2 points.
        This stock is being driven by heavy momentum( which I
        didn't wait for getting out shortly after opening) as
        evident with over 30 mil being traded. while I do believe
        this stock will rise this week, all you who don't
        understand the sustantial risk should not be playing this
        A good example of this would be WCAP and COOL. WCAP
        went from 1 to over 12 in speculation of COOL going to
        the moon. (WCAP being the back door owning 1/3 of
        COOL) and back to the 2 range within a week. Do not put
        all your eggs in one basket on this. For those
        thinking it will go to the moon and got in early, take
        your initial investment out and let the rest ride. The
        downside then is nothing. Do not think a stop will protect
        you in a fast moving stock. On the otherhand MKTW has
        more attention than any other IPO and has a real
        company "CBS" behind it. I'm banking more on the MALL

    • Good luck in this venture. I hope you make it back times two!

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