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  • seeuatthepeak seeuatthepeak Jan 31, 1999 3:50 PM Flag

    Orangegrower, How did things turn out fo

    you in NSCP. I traded that stock quite a bit and
    remember you got out, and finally got back in. Hope you
    did well. I think we have a serious winner here, this
    month should be strong...earnings,quite period ends on
    MKTW, consolidation in the nets


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    • Got out the night before AOL earnings and before
      I heard of their cash windfall. Rats. But I got
      another 15% from NSCP. I'm gonna buy back in on a drop
      but I want to bring my margin exposure down a bit. I
      am buying large positions (NTKI)(IDTC) (DBCC)
      because I like to watch the numbers run up fast. But the
      other side of the coin keeps me glued to my

      It's like getting on a motorcycle that has way too
      much muscle for you. You tend to hold on, hunker down,
      and pay attention.


    • News and other media content is the future of teh
      net. The net will replace your t.v. as your source of
      breaking news and entertainment. MKTW is a great news
      souce and provides real content on teh net. DBCC
      provides real time quotes and business/financial news and
      makes money doing it. Media, not selling books, cars,
      CD's, or widgets on the net is the future. DBCC is
      poised to capitalise on this logical next step on the
      web. Stay away from the K-Tel, Book-a-million and
      Sharper images of this world and look at investing in
      companies that provide media on the net, DBCC, MKTW,
      Broadcast.Com, etc. Good luck to all smart investors.