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  • wyrbender wyrbender Nov 16, 1999 11:02 AM Flag

    investor relations

    is being handled by a firm in L.A. The phone
    number is 310-207-9300. Maybe a few calls would prompt
    an explanation as to why this merger is the best
    thing for shareholders.

    I, for one, was
    thinking that DBCC was undervalued, partly because the
    value of the potential spinoffs was not being realized
    while still part of DBCC. From a cursory glance at the
    details of the merger, it seems to me that, if and when
    the spinoffs occur, the effect on the stock price of
    the merged companies will be significantly less than
    it would have been on the price of DBCC's stock

    Is there anything about this deal that
    favors the top executives of DBCC at the expense of us